GPS Navigation: Then, Now, and the Future

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The Global Positioning System has been active for sometime, with a number of upgrades. The origins were military, aviation, and seafaring consumers. In the old days, navigators would use the positions of stars to figure out where they were, and where they were headed. Some of them were quite effective at this. GPS navigation isn't that much different!

GPS navigation involves multiple satellites in the earths atmosphere transmitting signals to devices that can then determine there current location on the ground. With advances in computerizations these devices have been extended to do about the same that old world navigators would do, and much more.

The satellites began being launched in 1978 and since they have accumulated a network of 24 of them globally. These satellites give full coverage for GPS navigation everywhere with reasonable accuracy. To the consumer that part is free. There is no service charge to pay for that; though additional maps and other features that don't originate from these satellites may have fees.

The Many Uses For GPS Navigation

One of the earliest places that enjoyed widespread GPS navigation would have to be aviation of all sizes. Pilots found it easy to chart their systems to keep them on track for various airports using either ground signals or those from the satellites. Today GPS is a major use in this area.

Later it entered the consumer market in expensive luxury vehicles. GPS navigation features showed up in a number of foreign vehicles and in the well known on-star system in the states. Cab drivers have had similar add-on features as have other public services as well.

Over recent years, inexpensive portable units have cemented GPS navigation as a useful option for nearly anyone traveling anywhere. Whether on roads, water, air, or out in the middle of no-where; this handy moving compass with even mapping has proven very valuable.

In other words, today you can have the benefit of many navigators of old, in the palm of your hand; the GPS navigation unit. It's coming to the point now where official forms sometimes include latitude and longitude.

GPS Navigation into the Future

This technology is still growing and there are many combinations and ideas yet to try. New innovations in GPS navigation devices are coming out monthly. Combined with computers and nearly any other portable media device; many new trends will result. CallerID is nothing compared to the possibilities of GPS combined with the cellular phone. These features are already out there. Though they are still in infancy compared to what is possible.

Combined with transmitters, GPS has been used to track stolen property. With a few simple actions, location can be in shortly and the authorities on the way to recovery. This is possible in relatively small components concealed on the traceable items.

The possibilities are endless. Watch the headlines on GPS navigation and you will find much amazement. Now that you know more; you may want to do some shopping as GPS navigation might be your next favorite toy!

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