Social Networking and How to Use It II

by Sean Ray - Date: 2007-03-27 - Word Count: 475 Share This!

If you want to be involved in this internet revolution check out what is available in the way of specialized sites, such as Xanga that is a community site that interacts through blogs, or LinkedIn that provides contact with past school friends and helps you to meet new ones through your current business. Tickle is great for quizzes, fun and meeting new people. If there is not a social networking site to meet your needs, then why not start one?

Tribe is comprised of networks of people who join a section devoted to specific topics, such as Bigfoot or sushi or even nude bathing. Each network communicates with each other about their interest or habit, and Tribe is now one of the fastest growing social networking sites on the internet. If you can't find a specific network with others interested in your great love in life, you will either find it in Tribe or you set up a group. Tribes are being created continually, but also need new members continually to keep them going.

The major problem that such sites could eventually face is that they are mainly used by youngsters, who, as they grow up, will find other interests and things to do with their time. If they are to succeed, existing members should be active in recruiting new younger members to take their place, such as younger siblings or even their own children.

You can use social networking to your advantage if you are not too forward with it, and it is possible to make business contacts and find information that you have been unable to find elsewhere. However, members do not like being used or exploited and prefer mutual help than to find someone who has joined only to use the network for their own benefit.

If you are not sure that social networking could help you or your business, then register for a few and find out. Go with the flow of the conventions used on each network and try to give and contribute as much as you receive. These are very friendly networks of people, and many meet physically in groups, and make friends for life.

I have just had one idea for social networks, and perhaps it has already been done, but a vacation network, where members provide each other with free vacation accommodation, would mean that all you would need is to take advantage of one of the cheap flights when they are on offer and members could have great holidays all over the world with their new found friends. All you need to join is to have a spare bedroom and a willingness to provide free grub in exchange for somebody else on the network doing the same for you half way round the world whenever you want it.

You gain credits whenever you provide the service to someone else. How about it?

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