Gunwitch - Way of the Gun Audio course

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Allen "Gunwitch"Reyes is awesome! No gimmicks, no techniques, no bullshit! I'm here to review his new program, "Way of the Gun" a five disc audio course for attracting women. If you read the Dynamic Sex Life ebook, you know what this guy is all about.

Way of the Gun

Way of the Gun -Disc 1: Is all inner game material. from my experience, all game is inner game. The most important aspect of this disc is your state of mind. Some guys have to be reminded that they need to stop "touching" themselves too much. Guys, It is important that you need to be in a high sexual state to be succesful with women. States of mind are contagious. Ever been around someone who is sad and depressed? Being horny is key in your success with women.

Way of the Gun - Disc 2: All on approaching. Learn how to get past your fear of rejection by realizing that she is more self-concious about how she is coming off than you are. Realize that she has a higher need to feel wanted, than you.

Way of the Gun - Disc 3: This disc will teach you how to get into rapport with a woman, fast! Rapport is where you create that emotional connection

Way of the Gun - Disc 4: Tatctics to getting her in the bedroom (Guys, you'll love this CD)

Way of the Gun - Disc 5: Teaches you how to master all levels of your game

Way of the Gun

That's all the information I can give, I could write all day about this course. Most of the seduction material out there is no good and overly priced. Where else are you going to get 5 excellent cd's on the pickup process under $300? You're not, here you get an honest approach at picking up women for only $129.00.

Way of the Gun

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