The Beach Christmas Versus the White Christmas: Ensure Your Gifts are Suitable

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Christmas is the time of year for cold weather, snow, mistletoe and beautiful Christmas Gifts exchanged around a roaring log fire. Where a traditional dinner is served, and you get to tuck into family favourites such as roast turkey, Christmas pudding and a rich cake encased in deliciously sweet marzipan and icing. Or is it?

Christmas could equally be about spending time in the sun, where a traditional dinner consists of food suitable for a barbeque and fit for a king; maybe some fish, or some steaks all sizzling away alongside some freshly caught tuna. Perhaps this barbeque takes place on a beach, so while your food is cooking, you can spend a little time swimming in the sea, or relaxing in the sun and working on your tan. It certainly sounds a lot more attractive to a rainy day somewhere, where your time working on Christmas dinner is spent watching some of television's 'golden moments'.

Either way, however you decide to spend this coming Christmas - and both scenarios are equally appealing in their own unique way - it is important to make sure that the Gifts match the occasion. Essentially, if you're spending Christmas in the sun, friends and family members are not really going to maintain excitement levels at their peak as they unwrap a woollen jumper and a cosy scarf - although they might prove useful when returning to the UK, along with a self-help book on beating the post-holiday blues.

So what would be suitable? Well, Christmas Gifts for sun seekers could revolve around a favourite sport or hobby? If the recipient likes swimming, then ideal Christmas Gifts could be either a White Water Rafting Experience Day, or even some time spent surfing with a Surfing Experience gift Pack.

If the white water rafting sounds like a swimmingly good idea, it is worth bearing in mind that all rafting trips are dependent upon sufficient water levels and that all events come with both tuition and talks on safety. All this aside, white water rafting is a thrilling adventure that will give the recipient of your gift the unforgettable thrill of travelling along either natural or man-made rapids; it really is the gift of a lifetime.

Surfing is another pastime that make an ideal Christmas Gift for someone with an inclination towards more sporty pursuits. Even for a complete beginner, with a little bit of balance and determination, surfing is an exciting way to spend a day - or even a few hours - and it's pretty safe to say that the first-ever surfed wave is definitely the most memorable.

But what about Christmas in not so sunny locations? Well, it doesn't mean that the Gifts have to be any less appropriate and there really is no need to fall back on the more obvious choices, just because the sun is taking a nap. Paintball, ice climbing and even microlighting are all fun experience day gifts that can be enjoyed however inclement the weather.

Paintball is amazing fun and gives the person you're thinking about - and a co-participant of their choice - the opportunity to act out any action hero fantasies they might have; quite literally, it's almost like schoolyard cops and robbers, but for adults. The Paintballing for Two Experience Day event is perfectly safe and it's a great way to run around a muddy and woody area using non-lethal force - after all, it's only paint - to overcome your enemy. Naturally, all participants will be given full training and guidance before the fun begins.

For winter sport fans, Ice-climbing for Two events offer the thrill of mountaineering, but none of the dangers. This Christmas Gifts idea comes with plenty of one-on-one tuition and the lucky participant gets a whole 40 minutes to pit their wits against the wall.

A Microlighting Flight Experience Day Gift Pack is a perfect Christmas Gifts option for the more adventurous, and while it's ideally suited to Britain's spring and summer months, so long as the weather is stable enough, it doesn't really matter when you fly. All participants will be given all the help and training they need, and the actual flight will take place with the help of an instructor. And because the planes come with dual-controls, it's even possible to have a go yourself; just make sure you dress up warmly as, no matter how good the weather on the ground, up there it's going to be a little bit nippy. Not only does the craft fly up to a total of 1,500 feet, but the cockpit is also entirely open. Exciting stuff!

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