Even Unborn Babies Are Not Safe From Passive Tobacco Smoke!

by Jackie Winn - Date: 2008-08-01 - Word Count: 564 Share This!

Almost half a million people prematurely lose their lives due to smoking tobacco products every year just in the USA. These untimely deaths are in the main ascribable the powerful nature of the nicotine contained in tobacco and its fumes. The human brain is stimulated by nicotine, inducing the person smoking tobacco to experience a feeling of moderate euphoria and to feel calm and relaxed together with short periods of feeling ultra-alert. These effects can have duration of a couple of hours. Long term, heavy smokers find that they get acclimatised to these side effects and find that they need to smoke with much greater regularity in order to reach the equivalent sensations of mellowness. Continued research programs on tobacco fumes have exposed additional every bit life-threatening actuality; secondary tobacco smoke. This is the second-hand smoke that's breathed out by people smoking tobacco which goes on to be breathed in by nonsmokers who often end up developing the exact same medical complications as individuals who actually smoke tobacco.

Due to the recognised risks of secondary smoke, a lot of governments around the world are campaigning in favour of statute laws that outlaw the smoking of tobacco products in public areas and buildings and even public service vehicles including trams, omnibuses, cable cars and railroad trains. As has been clearly demonstrated by worldwide research, there is a great many perils connected with passive smoking of second-hand tobacco smoke.

Each and every year there are approximately 400,000 reported cases of pneumonia and bronchitis diagnosed amongst babies and young children who reside in a home where one of both of their parents smoke tobacco products. Of course these innocent children have never smoked themselves yet statistics rate the impairment to their wellbeing to be at the same degree as that of individuals who actually smoke if not even greater.

Babies who are delivered to parents who themselves smoke tobacco carry an exaggerated danger of suffering problems with their ears, wheeziness, regular coughing fits, respiratory problems and even premature death. Secondary smoke also steps up the probabilities of developing bronchial asthma and is also a known trigger for asthma attacks. This is due to the fact that second-hand tobacco smoke bears far reaching consequences to everyone subjected to passive tobacco smoke including unborn babies still in their mothers' womb.

Researchers have recently published reports displaying that the babies of parents who are habitual tobacco users are up to twice as probable to take up smoking themselves later on during their lifetime, than offspring born to parents who do not smoke. Second-hand tobacco smoke can in reality stay in a child's system and induce moderate dependencies to nicotine even prior to the child reaching adolescence

Taking everything into account though, quite possibly there is naught to match the damage that second-hand smoke inflicts upon unborn babies and fetuses. Expectant females who are habitual smokers or who reside in surroundings to a great extent concentrated with tobacco smoke are more in all probability more probable to deliver a baby whose general wellbeing is poorer than the norm. Their birth weight might be below average and their power to learn and acquire new skills could be weakened. The World Health Organisation has reported that passive inhalation of tobacco smoke is a direct cause of the death of more than 4,000 babies around the world every year with many of those babies being delivered with respiratory troubles.

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