Viral Marketing - The Exponential Growth Method

by David C. - Date: 2007-04-18 - Word Count: 433 Share This!

Have you heard of the term viral marketing? Well in its purest form it's a type of marketing where most it is done through one individual telling another. Then that other individual goes off to tell another and so forth.

On the internet this remains as one of the most powerful strategies you can implement into your marketing campaign. One classic example of viral marketing is with Hotmail. Back in the earlier days when the competition wasn't as strong, having a free e-mail service was pretty attractive. What Hotmail ended up doing was offer a free e-mail service, but with a catch. At the end of every person's message was an advertisement attached that offered (you guessed it) a free e-mail account at Hotmail. This literally created exponential growth for the company and what was just a few thousand users boomed into millions in no time.

Yet this is much harder to accomplish in today's internet world since things aren't exactly as wild west as back in the old days anymore. Does this strategy still work?

In a nutshell, yes it does.

However, it's going to be harder since most of your competitors will know about this strategy and have probably adapted this tactic into their own marketing efforts. What you need to do in today's world is to offer something more unique. People aren't going to jump for joy anymore when you offer a free e-mail service. People actually expect it. Coming up with something unique doesn't always have to be hard. Take a good look at what other people are doing in their marketing and take note. Especially look at what your competitors are doing and think of ways that you can improve upon their campaign. Give their campaign an unique twist and make it your campaign.

Another part of the equation is providing whatever you are offering for free. It may be cliché, and you may even need to pre-sell people on what your free offer is. Yet it's worth it to keep the price nonexistent so you can reach more people.

The next part is to collect a list of the people who are interested in your free offer. Spamming is illegal, but if people do opt-in because of interest for your offer, then capitalize on it. By building a list, you are actually building a big number of prospects that you can sell on the backend, over and over again. It may not even have to your own product. Join an affiliate network and start selling to these guys with other people's stuff. Then take in some of that profit and don't look back.

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