How Cool are Satellite Radios

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Sirius Satellite Radio is certainly here to stay. When you have a Sirius satellite radio receiver you can listen to whatever you want wherever you go. There is a Sirius satellite receiver to meet the needs of everyone, whether you want one for your home, your office, your car, your boat, or your RV. There's a lot of buzz right now about satellite radio. With the introduction of XM and Sirius the new satellite radio broadcasts will give local broadcast radio a run for their money. If you've been thinking about buying an XM or Sirius Radio, now might be a good time to make that purchase as the cost of these radios is now at the lowest point ever. The top 2 contenders are Sirius and XM Radio.

Both providers offer high quality, digital programming with over 100 channels to listen to so you can never run out of something good on the radio. As mentioned above, cable started to address those issues, but it's been the advent of satellite technology that has really brought clear digital entertainment to the masses no matter where they live in the US. Satellite radio and TV both broadcast their signal in digital formats rather than analog.

Sirius charges more because they claim to use technology that improves the digital sound even more than XM and they also have given more attention to customer service to address issues that may arrive after the sale. Satellite radio broadcasts are made in digital format, so they are much higher quality than land-based radio. Satellite radio or is a digital and is able to receive signals from just about anywhere which of course has a broader range than normal radio.

With satellite radio you pay a certain subscription fee every month (around $15 or so) to get around 100 music channels broadcast by satellite. All programs are transmitted a satellite and then is beamed to the ground where the satellite radio picks up the signal. None of the channels are pre-recorded and all of them are LIVE stream videos from the fastest servers in their network.

There are several different kinds of music genres. For instance, rock has channels devoted to hard rock, early rock, soft rock, heavy metal, and many more. When using a satellite radio you can have your favorite music broadcasted right into your home or car, with crystal clear digital sound. Some system have a slight delay in the broadcast so if you enter a tunnel you do not loose the signal.

Satellite radios come in many forms including at-home devices and portable players much like Apple's ipod. People that have taken a liking to satellite radio are flocking to their local electronics store looking for a portable satellite radio. Like a full size or car satellite radio a portable satellite radio has all the required equipment to decode the encrypted signal broadcasted by a satellite.

Subscribers to satellite radio will be required to pay a monthly fee. It is subscription based, meaning that you pay a monthly fee for the service.

Subscribers usually have to pay a monthly fee of approximately $9. When purchasing a satellite radio there is usually a small monthly fee, but this will introduce you to a new world of commercial free radio.

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