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by James Beckett - Date: 2007-04-23 - Word Count: 409 Share This!

How many times have you heard that the money is in the list? I hear it on a daily basis and I have to smile every time I do because it is so true! Welcome to the direct mail of the 21st century.

So why does it work? Well mostly it works because you will be using opt in email marketing (to avoid spam accusations) which is where people request information from you and then confirm that they did request it. Anybody that requests information and then also confirms is a good prospect who wants to receive your first email!

Now you have to make sure the information that you give them in that first email is good. Try not to sell to them in that first email or you will sour the relationship, and opt in email marketing is all about building a relationship. You need to cultivate trust with that individual so that when you do recommend a product that they listen to what you have to say and are responsive to the offer.

Most of the time people complain as they don't have a huge list of people to email to. Well first of all then build that list! Create a capture page and start promoting that page. Secondly, with just 100 good subscribers I have a good relationship with I could make some good money. It is all about quality rather than quantity, although both would be better…

So what do you promote? Well by far the easiest products to promote are those sold through Clickbank as all the payment and commissions are automated so you do not need to worry about fraud too much or not receiving your cheque. You receive up to 75% of the sale as they are digital products and you receive a cheque every two weeks, and you can promote the product with just a simple link. So you buy the product first (you can't recommend it if you do not know what it is like) then you write a review of all the best points, put your link at the bottom and blast it out to your list and watch out for the commissions if you did everything right.

Opt in email marketing is my favourite way to earn money and certainly the best way I have found. Just make sure you do not abuse the power and start to promote inferior products or you will lose the relationship you have so carefully cultivated.

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