Land Army - The Safety Measure of a Nation

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The word army was originated from the Latin word 'Armata' which means armed things. Armata was defined from the French word 'armee' which in turn means feminine. The land based military of a nation is also termed as army.

There are differentsub groups present inside the army of a nation. Even though common people are not aware of all the sub groups, each of it has a definite function and action. Soldiers who do not get dispersed even at the time of peace are known as standing army.

They have to constantly check whether everything is going on safe and sound in the country even though peace is reigning. They are different from the groups of soldiers who only come into action at the time of war or any natural disaster.

In some countries, there is a group known as land army, which is mainly used to distinguish between the air force and the soldiers looking after the land. France is one of the country in which this term is used even nowadays. Let us take a glance into the history of armiesand how they came into existence.

The Spartan army were one among the earliest groups who dedicated their entire life for the welfare of the country. They started their training at the age of 7 and remained in the regiment till their death or till the age of 60 when they become unfit to work further. They mainly did manual labour and were well appreciated for their honesty and loyalty.

The first professional army which came into existence was the Roman army, which included the logics and principals of the Spartan army. There were many people in the regiment who were compelled to work in the army for the benefit of their country. This rule was reinforced in Rome mainly during the war time.

People were forced to join the army and work for the nation irrespective of their choice. Those who performed well in the battles were given special honour and dignity. There were also rankings present depending on their performance. In the olden days, people used to honour a soldier by his performance and ability to win in the battles. It was a shame anddisgrace to come back defeated in the war.

The rules inside the regiment were strict and well disciplined. They had severe punishments if created mistakes. They were given training both physically and mentally to see the worst in their lives. An army man should have the courage to face the life as it is, and fight for the nation. Their sole mission is to save the country from all the external dangers. People respect soldiers for their efforts as they sacrifice their lives for the sake of the nation.

It is difficult for any nation to survive without its own army. They are a must for the existence of the nation and have got a greater purpose to serve. Nowadays many people come forward and dedicate their lived for the sake of their mother land.

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