Letterpress Invitations Vs. Classic Engraving

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Just as with any wedding invitation, the letterpress invitations are the first notification your guests will receive about your special wedding day. You want to be sure you set the right tone and atmosphere for your wedding. So how do you set the right tone and showcase your personality on such a small piece of paper? Well, the best choice is to make that piece of paper something special with letterpress invitations or possibly classic engraving invitations. There are numerous options to choose from, but just get to the bottom of these two elegant techniques and choose which one is right for you.

In the past the most expensive printing technique was engraving. These invitations are great for very formal, traditional weddings. For this type of printing, the designer engraves a metal plate with your words and designs and covers it in ink. The back of a piece of paper is pressed by the metal plate. Doing this leaves the paper, which should be 100% heavy cotton, with a raised texture that can be felt and seen from the front and back. It is best to use a very elegant, cursive font with this method and it is also best to use very contrasting colors for your ink and paper.But engraving has fallen out of favor, it simply doesn't look or feel as nice. Just like everything though, over time opinions will vary.

On the other hand however, letterpress invitations provide an unmistakable look and beauty that engraving can't afford. letterpress invitations can be used for contemporary or traditional weddings. Depending on the design, colors, fonts, and paper you choose, the overall style, as far as modern and traditional go, will definitely vary. The method of this type of printing is very similar to classic engraving, yet it is cheaper and there are more ways to customize your invitations. Individual metal letter plates are pressed into a sheet of paper. This provides slight variations in each invitation which only makes the set more special.

Both engraving and letterpress invitations are both very sophisticated styles of wedding invites and provide a great distictive look of elegance and grace. If your wedding is going to be very formal and you have some room in your budget, go for the classic engraving invitations. If you want to save some money, have a contemporary or traditional wedding, and you love individualization, choose letterpress invitations and I'm sure you will be happy with your selection.

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