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It's no wonder people are dying for Radiohead tickets! The band deserves such fans! Transformed from their garage-band sound of three guitars in their debut single, "Creep", this band has come out with their newest album, "2007's In Rainbows."

All About The Band

Get two parts Lovelesss, two parts Pink Floyd, one part Bossanova with a generous dose of U2's early vehemence and combine them. You get Radiohead! This is a band that has songs marked with anguish ridden lyrics and music that's got a tinge of electronics and advanced styles.

It was 1993 when Radiohead debuted with their album "Pablo Honey." One of its singles, "Creep" was a rock anthem and gained international acclaim. With this surprising success, critics were all geared up to label Radiohead as a one-hit wonder band. However, they were rendered speechless when the band's second album titled "The Bends" was released in 1995. It received amazing reviews in native Britain.

Although some remained unmoved by the relatively placid songs of "The bends", there were many takers for its unique and diverse sound. Here was a newly formed British band that owed less to the Sex Pistols and Beatles and more to Pink Floyd.

Radiohead's next release was "OK Computer." This was a post-punk, art-progressive-rock album with an electro-mix of intricate graphics, real emotions, and lyrics ridden with anguish. It became one of the most appreciated albums of the '90s. Even the critics smiled!

Since the release of this electro-mix album, touring became a crucial part of the band's production process. The band started experimenting with new sonic textures. "Paranoid Android" was one such song that reflected the changed choice of the band since they first performed. It was the first single of "OK Computer." This six and half minute track managed to find the third position in UK Charts.

Radiohead's fourth album "Kid A" was released in October 2000. It rose to a top position in US Album Charts! This album silenced the critics and let the band emerge as a perfectionist. In June, 2001, Radiohead released the album "Amnesiac." It contained songs that were recorded during the making of "Kid A" album, including the number "Knives Out." Now, it seemed that this band left Pink Floyd far behind and started on a new musical note parallel to Can or Sigur Ros.

The year 2003 saw the release of "Hail To The Thief" by Radiohead. It was a mature and bold album with electronic theatrics and epic prog-rock. The noteworthy feature of this album was the absence of anguish ridden lyrics! Instead, the songs reflected complex metaphor as well as layered texture to express thoughts.

This band likes to experiment! And every time they embark on a new musical journey, they are greeted with applause from fans. One of the specialties of this band is that they are more into improving themselves with every album, rather than trying to dominate the rock world.

Perhaps that's why each album of Radiohead speaks for itself in a new way. There's no competition; only music from the heart!

Radiohead tickets have become almost a challenge to get! Want them? Dial a number!

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