Good Alternatives to Professional Tooth Whitening

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If you have all of the money and time in the world, there is no reason not to get your teeth whitened professionally. After all, you may be bored from not having to work and having all of your household chores taken care of by the hired help. For the rest of us, however, home teeth whitening is a very good alternative to the professional procedure. Home tooth whiteners have come of age in terms of effectiveness and how easy they are to use.

Because there are many different options as far as how to get your teeth whitened, it can be confusing to figure out the best way. However, it is actually very easy to figure out the pros and cons of the most popular ways of going about this procedure and seeing what is really the best option. Among the most popular of the teeth whitening options are professional visits to cosmetic dentists, home whitening strips, and tray-based home bleaching kits.

As already mentioned, the option of visiting with a dentist to get your teeth whitened is going to be a very expensive way of going about the procedure. For a typical treatment, you can expect to spend between five hundred and fifteen hundred dollars. Plus, teeth whitening is something that should ideally be repeated at regular intervals as new stains accumulate on your teeth after the initial bleaching process. Because there are cheaper alternatives to the professional visit that are just as effective, seeing a dentist for this is only a good idea for someone who has plenty of money to spare.

The at home options that most closely resembles a professional whitening job is the tray-based bleaching kit. Not all of these are equal, however, because some of them have a low concentration of the peroxide solution. WhiteningNow's Bright Teeth Whitening Kits are the best products on the market because they contain professional grade whitening gels with a carbamide peroxide strength of over thirty percent. As you can probably guess, the higher the percentage of the peroxide gel, the greater the teeth whitening effect will be.

The effectiveness of teeth whitening products is not determined just by the concentration of the active ingredient. Using a product with fitted trays is important because these products tend to be much more effective than strips, sprays, and other products that aren't held as well against the teeth. With the Bright Teeth Kits, the trays are also custom fitted, through a very simple fitting after placing them in boiling water. Using custom fitted trays also allows the process to more closely replicate that of a professional visit.

One other way that home based whitening products' effectiveness can be increased is by using a blue laser light to allow the oxidation of the peroxide to work more rapidly. This increases the bleaching action and makes the whitening more obvious. In WhiteningNow free trial offer kits, you receive one of these lights. Because of all of the components of these kits, you can expect a dramatic difference in the way your teeth look within a week of using the product.

The other option for whitening your teeth at home is to use one of the spray or strip products. These do have some bleaching power and are exceptionally simple to use, but they will not come anywhere near to matching the effectiveness of the professional visit or the tray-based bleaching solutions.

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