Social Bookmark Sites Create a Huge Money Making Opportunity

by Joshua Spaulding - Date: 2007-03-13 - Word Count: 325 Share This!

Social bookmark sites like and are becoming more and more popular to the average person browsing on the net. This is the kind of goldmine that all webmasters and Internet marketers should be looking out for.

Whether you just want to get your pages indexed faster or you want to release a viral web page or video, social bookmarking your pages pays off in the long run.

Just about every niche known to man has a 'sub-niche' that has the potential of becoming extremely viral. The beauty of social bookmarking is that it is very simple. Just by using a simple submission service like you can submit all of your web pages to a long list of social bookmark sites.

This will not only give each page some quality incoming links, it will provide the potential of your page becoming viral.

If your website or blog is in the entertainment niche and you have not been using social bookmarking sites then you have been missing out even more than other niches. People love to see viral videos, pages, pictures etc. Just come up with something that is really cool, put it on a web page and social bookmark it.

You can literally receive thousands of visitors a day just from one single viral video or web page. You cannot social bookmark your pages more than once with the same username and IP but if your page really stands out, many others will bookmark it for you.

So, next time you create a new page on your website or blog, go to and mass submit it to the list of social bookmark sites listed there. Once you are done with that, go to and do the same, as Digg is not in OnlyWires site list.

You may also want to think about bookmarking the articles that you have submitted to the big articles sites. This will increase the exposure and potential for a viral page of each article.

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