Allergies - Start With The Bedroom

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If you an allergy sufferer that suffers from dust, pollen, or any other nasal allergies, you should consider the most important room in your house: the bedroom. Why the bedroom? The bedroom is where we spend the most time in the house, or even anywhere. In fact, on average, we spend roughly eight to nine hours a day in the bedroom. So why not take the room that's the most important and make it an allergy-free environment?

The bedroom is where we sleep. So to make sure that the room remains allergy-free, check the most important areas of the room.

Since we spend more time in bed, we need to find ways to make sure that the bed isn't a source of dust or dust mites. One way to maintain an allergy-free environment is to have a mattress encasing. A mattress encasing shields exposure to molds, bacteria and dust mites. In most cases, the encasings are made of a fabric (cloth) that is tightly constructed so that allergens can't enter them. There are various encasings that are available in many sizes.

Like mattress encasings, pillow encasing is vital. Pillow encasings have the same properties as mattress encasings but they are more important since we rest our heads on them. If you can get only one item, the pillow encasing would be a necessity.

Dust mites can live almost everywhere, including blankets. The blanket could be a haven for these creatures since it has an environment that's hospitable for these creatures. There are hypoallergenic comforters and blankets for the bed that can dramatically reduce the dust and dust mites.

Another way to combat dust mites is to make sure that your bedroom is clean. Carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed and blankets washed consistently. By washing and cleaning these items, you can eliminate most of the dust and other allergens. Interestingly, there are carpet treatments to handle dust mites such as X-Mite Carpet Cleaning formula.

Clearing the air is a good practice as well. The air in the bedroom can become stale and full of allergen particles. Air purifiers are ideal for the bedroom. It's a common mistake to put an air purifier in the family room if there's only one-simply because we spend more time in the bedroom. Air purifiers are efficient in eliminating not just dust, but other allergens such as mold and pollen.

Sometimes rooms with furry dolls and teddy bears could be a hazard for young sufferers. Dust mites can cling on these toys, just like carpets and blankets. Eliminating some of the furry dolls can help the bedroom environment become dust free. If the child does insist on keeping dolls, there are stuffed dolls that are hypoallergenic.

Humidity is ideal for dust mite survival particularly in environments of 75-80 degrees F and 70-80% humidity. If the humidity is lower than 50 percent, mites have little chances for survival. To lower dust mites in the bedroom, make sure that the room doesn't have high humidity. There are plenty of dehumidifiers available if your room is naturally humid.

There are plenty of other ways to make the bedroom allergen free but the suggestions here are a start. The bedroom is the most important room in the house where allergies matter. Learn to make the room a more pleasant environment and you're on your way to making your life better.

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