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Let me give you a FREE copy of my "License To Print Money system!"

Look What LICENSE TO PRINT MONEY Can Do For You Right Now:

*You will spend less than $10 to setup the system!

*You will make yourself a regular flow of passive income!

*You will be able to see a long-lasting online income stream! *You will see a noticeable return on investment on your work immediately!

*You can repeat this system over and over again with as many products as you want!

How much is $500 - $1,000 per day passive income worth to you & your family?

This report details exactly how you can setup your "License To Print Money" for you in less than 3 hours, without spending a load of time or money developing a web site.

To be more specific, this License is a system which will make you a regular flow of passive income and you will spend less than $10 to setup the system.

The great thing is that you can repeat this system over and over again with as many products as you want!

A License is ridiculously easy to create, you may earn more than I do, you may earn less than I do, but as long as you take action and put this into play, you'll be able to see a long-lasting income stream!

If you're like me, it's very important that you see a noticeable return on investment on your work.

You want to see the License working immediately. That's the beauty of this system -- I've seen real, solid results within a few hours using it.

I literally take less than 3 hours to create a License, and as I watch the cash roll in it feels literally like I have a "License To Print Money". It's that simple.

So how do I create a License To Print Money? Here's how ridiculously simple it is...

1. Find a product to promote at

2. Buy a domain name at and have it redirect to your affiliate link

3. Setup a mini blog and post a highly positive review of the product

4. Do a traffic assault (very easy to do)

5. Watch the money roll as if you are printing it and start another License by repeating these steps

Yep, that's it. That's your "License To Print Money" system! The beauty is in its simplicity -- it literally takes less than 3 hours to setup, and it's there for a long, long time, earning me money over and over again.

Don't worry if you're not familiar with some of the things I just mentioned, I'm about it explain it all!

Here are more in-depth instructions...

1. Find a product to promote at is a place where thousands of people sell their digital products online. Also, it's a place where more than 100,000 other people help these product owners to get more sales by promoting their products in exchange for a high commission for each sale the promoter refers. Promoters are called "affiliates".

In this "License To Print Money" system you're going to be an affiliate for one of these products but using a very unique method.

Go to At the very top of the page you will see a link to the "Marketplace". This is where you will find all the products that you can potentially promote. You must now choose a product to promote.

And you're going to need a ClickBank account so that you can receive all the money you make. You get paid via check twice a month. If you aren't already signed up with ClickBank, don't worry, it's free.

Here's the best way to choose a product to promote. From the "Marketplace" page use the "Search The ClickBank Marketplace" tool.

First select a "category" from the drop down menu that you're interested in, for example "Health & Fitness". Then where it says "Show 10 results per page", change that to 50 from the drop down menu. Then click "Go". You'll now see a list of the 50 most popular products for that category.

Now you can choose a product. I actually tend to pick the slightly less popular products in the common categories -- you know, "Money & Employment", "Health & Fitness", and so on.

As part of the listing for each product you will notice some stats in green writing. These are very important and will help you to pick the right product.

Three stats in particular are extremely important. These are:

1. $/sale -- how much money you will get for every sale you refer. The product shown above gives affiliates $23.97 per sale.

2. %/sale -- what percentage of the price of the product you will get for every sale you refer. The product shown above gives affiliates 50% commission per sale.

3. grav -- stands for gravity and is very complicated to explain how this is calculated but the number associated with it is important.

(See Example:

Select your product by making sure it meets the following criteria:

1. At least $20 earned per sale ($/sale).

2. Percentage per sale (%/Sale) must be greater than 50% unless you're going to earn more than $50 per sale.

I feel like I'm getting shafted otherwise. People who don't treat their affiliates well probably don't treat their customers well, right?

3. I typically make sure gravity is at least 20, to show that it's making SOME sales but no more than 40 so I know that it isn't already being promoted by thousands of affiliates.

4. Check the web site for the product you want to promote by clicking on "view pitch page". Does it look halfway decent? Does it give a good first impression? This is very, very important. If it gives you a bad vibe, it'll probably give potential customers one too.

2. Buy a domain name at and have it redirect to your affiliate link.

Okay, so just in case you don't know, a domain name a basically a web site address e.g.

And an affiliate link is your own personalized link that you give out when promoting a product.

A typical ClickBank affiliate link looks like this:

So if your ClickBank username is johndoe and the product owners ClickBank username is keepfit then your affiliate link would be:

But you don't have worry about creating your personalized affiliate link. ClickBank will do it for you. Once you've selected the product you want to promote from the Marketplace click on "create hoplink"

A new window will then open up. Enter your ClickBank username and press the "Submit" button. You will then see that your affiliate link has been created for you.


The following tip is very important. Do not underestimate the power of a domain name. Affiliate links look really bad compared to normal .com addresses. It also gives the wrong impression to potential customers because they will think "the person who sent me this link is just trying to make money off me."

Yes, in this day and age, even people who aren't in this industry know when you're trying to make a buck off of them, and it WILL turn them off. You can easily triple the money you make simply by using a domain name that costs a measly $9 and setting it up to redirect to your affiliate link.

Here's how you do it:

Go to Then on the homepage you will see the "Domain Name Search" tool. Simply think of an alternative domain name for the product you're going to promote. I typically choose simple domain names...if we use the "Fit Over 40". I'd check to see if "" is available.


Sometimes you just need to add a simple "the" into the domain name. Also, try to only use a ".com" domain, they are the most recognized and have more pull.

Now buy the domain you've found which is available. Once you've bought it, you need to make redirect to your personalized affiliate link.

Here's how you do it:

1. Go to and login to your account (the login form is on the right hand side).

2. Click on the "My Account" link which is on the right hand side.

3. Now on the left hand side you will see the heading "Domain Names". Move your mouse over it and a menu will appear. From that menu click on "Manage Domain Forwarding".

4. You will now be inside the "Domain Control Center". You will see the domain you just bought listed there. Simply click on it.

5. Now under the "Forwarding" tab make sure you select the "Enabled" option and in the box called "Forward To:" enter you personalized affiliate link. In our example it would be Also make sure that for "Redirect Type" the "302 Moved Temporarily" option is selected.

6. Now select the "Masking" tab. Check the "Mask Domain" box. And for the "Masked Title" enter the name of the domain you just bought, in this case

7. Then press the orange "OK" button on the right hand side.

8. Now in the top right hand corner click on the "Log Out" link.

9. Wait 15 minutes and then visit the web site domain you just bought, in this case and you should see the homepage of the web site you're going to promote.

Masking the domain means that when someone clicks your domain name link ( they will still see your domain name in the address bar instead of the actual address of the site which would be

This makes it appear that you aren't an affiliate and makes people more likely to buy.

3. Setup a mini blog and post a highly positive review of the product

This is the fun part. Go to, and set up a free blog. If you don't know what a blog is don't worry, in this case only, I want you to think of a blog as a mini web site. What you're doing is effectively setting up a 1-page web site and hosting it with absolutely free.

Once you've created your account and you're logged in click on the "Create a Blog" link. Simply follow the on-screen instructions giving your blog a name and address. In our example you could call it "Health Product Reviews" and give it the same address if available. Then click "Continue".

Now choose from one of the free templates available and click "Continue". Your blog (mini web site) is now created! Now click on the "Start Posting" link.

Click "Edit" on each visible page element and in the new window that pops up click the "Remove Page Element" link which is at the bottom of the window. If you don't see this link then you can't remove that particular page element but that's okay. Now click on the "Posting" tab at the top of the page. You will now be on the "Create" page.

Next, write up a 4 to 5 paragraph "review" of the product you're promoting. Talk about how great the product has worked for you. Make it into a story -- remember, people buy based on emotion and rationalize their decision based on features. If you run out of things to talk about, look at the sales page of the product. It should provide you with some ideas. Give your review an eye catching title too.

If you're not sure how to approach writing a review then read an excellent guide here at

At the end of your raving review/story, simply write the name of the domain you just bought e.g. After this simply click the "Publish Post" link and then click "View Blog" to see your blog (mini web site review) up and running.

When someone visits your review blog and hovers over your link they'll see that it's not a horrible affiliate link so they'll take your "recommendation" much, much more seriously. By eliminating all of the extra page elements, you have more of a mini web site than a blog. It's simple, effective, and saves time.

As I said...getting the domain name is VERY important. It will increase the amount of money your License prints simply because you invested the $8.95 ahead of time.


Here are some other things I've discovered that have increased the amount of money my "Licenses" make with these reviews:

1. Many people like to put a P.S. into their reviews. Don't do it! It makes it look too much like a sales letter, and that's exactly what you don't want.

2. Have other people look at your review blog to determine if your story sounds legitimate. Some people have a tendency to make their writing sound too persuasive. Your goal with the blog is NOT to persuade, it's to tell your story, and let the reader decide for themselves that they want to click on the affiliate link.

3. For More Advanced Users: To track conversion rates, I typically use Google Analytics. It tells me everything I need, how people found me etc..., so I know which methods of traffic production are working the best.

4. Do a traffic assault:

Now you need visitors (also known as "traffic") to read your review blog. Without them you're not going to make any money. To get traffic I do something that hardly anyone else does, but it's definitely something everyone should do.

I write a press release and distribute it to free press release services to talk about the "story" I wrote about on my review blog. I know that the prospect of writing a press release may overwhelm you but the truth is that it's actually quite easy. You can use this excellent guide on how to write press releases at Check it out -- read it all the way through, it helps a lot.

Once you have written the press release, you can submit it to the all of these press release services. And yes, they're all 100% free:


I'm sure there are others free press releases services out there but these are the ones I've used. Try searching for "free press release" in Google.

There is a lot of talk on various forums that it is pointless to submit free press releases and that you should only use to submit your press releases for a hefty $80+ fee to get it noticed.

Wrong, dead wrong! I've actually had tremendous success with free press releases. Is it as good as submitting paid press releases? No -- but for the amount of time and work it requires (hardly any), you'll be amazed at how much traffic (visitors) you typically get.

Of course, press releases aren't the only method I use for getting traffic. I spend some time boosting traffic using other methods as well. I'll just discuss these other methods briefly...

Article Directories:

I write up a couple of quick 250-500 word articles and submit them to every article directories I can find:

This provides a residual source of traffic for you. People will publish your articles and you'll have permanent links back to your blog.


I setup a lens at about the topic. If there is already a lens on the topic, I find a unique angle and publish it about that. All you have to do is write a quick 2--3 sentence introduction, link your RSS feed onto Squidoo using one of their modules, and then include a link to your blog.

After I do that, I get a few people (typically at least 4) to log onto the lens and give me a 5 star rating. This boosts me up on the internal Squidoo search engine. The more people that view and vote, the better.

USFreeAds: brings in a few clicks once in a while. Include your story into the post. It takes literally 2 or 3 minutes to setup.

Posting On Blogs:

This is one of the biggest sources of traffic for me. All I do is make an intelligent reply to a post on someone else's blog, link back to my blog, and viola! A permanent source of traffic.

You can find these blogs by simply searching for your topic and checking the first 10 results to see if there are any blogs there. After that, I search for my topic with "blog" at the end, and that typically brings up a hefty list of blogs I can post to...

Yahoo Answers:

Go to, find questions about your chosen product's topic, and answer the questions. Include a link back to your blog -- only when appropriate, though. You don't want to get banned.


Go to, find information about your topic, and edit the page. Add relevant information to the page (this takes a couple minutes to figure out, if you've never done it before) and add a link to your blog. This is risky though...sometimes your link will be removed -- which is why you should take one extra step:


Setup a second blog about the topic the same topic. Simply repeat the same instructions as you did to create the first blog -- again removing all the "page elements". Now, as you post answers to and add information to WikiHow, simply copy and paste what you wrote there into your second blog as well making a new post for each answer you give to Yahoo or for each piece of information you add to WikiHow.

So, if you added information to a page on WikiHow about "fitness tips for over 40s" or whatever your topic is, all you would do is copy and paste the information you added into you second blog, and at the end of each post, put a link to your first blog (the review mini web site) that contains your affiliate link.

You can do a similar thing for, by simply posting your answer to a question ONLY on your second blog, and then in Yahoo Answers just post a message saying something like "the answer to your question is given on this blog: XXXXXXX".

And don't forget to add a link to your review blog at the end of each answer you post on your second blog.

This TIP is important, as people won't be able to remove your links, since the web site you're linking to is providing quality, relevant content.

5. Watch the money roll as if you are printing it and start another "License" by repeating these steps...

Now you have a blog (maybe two) with your affiliate link giving you sale after sale -- that's your LICENSE TO PRINT MONEY! The key is to repeat this system over and over again.

As you create more and more Licenses, the amount of time required to build them decreases, and the amount of money a License prints for you increases.

Okay, so you've read this report through. You understand it. Now it's time to take action. Unfortunately, it's the step that many of us fail to take.

We read it, plan on taking action, but never do. There is no better time than now to take action. Set aside a couple of hours to get your first License setup and printing out money for you!

About The Author: Brian Wynn is a "How To" Marketing enthusiast: His website at offers simple yet delicious recipes for creating the perfect online income even for those on a fixed budget.

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