Save on your Auto Transport

by Caroline Mercy - Date: 2006-12-19 - Word Count: 262 Share This!

The following are few ways to save money on auto transport.

1. Concentrate on transport dates. Rather than just shipping a auto to pick up your vehicle alone the hiring transport companies would work it in their schedule with other cars as well those are near by. If time and date is not an option for you, than ask for express transport or a sure pick on time. All auto transport companies ask you in car shipping quote whether you are comfortable on transport date.

2. Do not go for door-to-door shipping. It is always better to bring your car to a terminal other than going for "door to door" shipping. This is very true mainly if you reside in smaller city or town. You could even bring your car to a secured terminal where ever your chosen transporter has designated.

3. Do Compare. It is normally recommend comparing at least 3 to 4 companies. You just need to make sure that you are comparing the same inclusive services. Another important point is that you need to be cautious if price is too low. As many auto transporters have their niches and different relationships with few other carriers the quote should not be too low.

4. Look for Quality. When you work with secured auto Transport Company, you feel the most flexible with them and their time to do your research. You should also make sure that the auto transport company has all proper license and authority. Get all guarantees in writing, deposits and even refunds terms to make sure the best and smoothest transport experience!

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