The Death Of Coral Calcium

by Steven Joners - Date: 2007-03-27 - Word Count: 439 Share This!

Coral calcium was first documented as being used for medicinal purposes in the 16th Century by Middle Eastern cultures. Spain's oldest pharmacy is now part of a museum and displays a container of "ground up" coral calcium with the inscription "The blond coral is the only coral used for medicine". The ancient cultures truly believed in the benefits of coral calcium.

Coral calcium first came to North America from the islands of Okinawa Japan as a tea bag of coral sand. Many people expressed immediate relief from health conditions such as back pain, bone spurs, joint pain and many more. The belief was that drinking water treated with coral calcium sand was enough to change one's health.

Coral calcium then evolved from coral calcium tea bags to pharmaceutical grade coral calcium powder and capsules that eventually were marketed to the masses via infomercials and multi-level marketing. This is where it all went wrong and ended up destroying the credibility of coral calcium as a valid health supplement.

As usual when there is a dollar to be made, people will stop at nothing to get that dollar. As the popularity of coral calcium grew, some very unethical marketing tactics started to take place. Infomercials came out claiming that coral calcium was the savior and cure to all conditions and diseases including the likes of cancer and osteoporosis. Eventually these unproven claims of disease curing led to the infomercials being pulled and a mass of negative press that would forever shine a dark light on coral calcium.

Years before the infomercials, people had enjoyed the health benefits of taking coral calcium, a supplement that naturally contains large amounts of calcium and dozens of minerals and nutrients that prove to be very important to the human body. These people did not expect coral calcium to cure cancer or any other serious diseases, they simply felt the benefits of getting a full balance of essential nutrients from their diet.

The surprising thing is that even with all of the negative press surrounding coral calcium there is still a big market for the product and people continue to use it claiming many health benefits. It makes you wonder why people would still insist on taking coral calcium when you can not even do a simple search on Google without finding more negative results than positive. The only possible explanation could be that coral calcium must actually be working for some and that if it wasn't for the unethical infomercials more people would have seen the unique combination of calcium and minerals that naturally occur in coral calcium.

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