Fap Turbo - It Knows What You Want

by samuel jones - Date: 2010-02-09 - Word Count: 317 Share This!

The first reason I have confidence in Fap Turbo is that you can see the system trading in real time on their site. They apparently use real live trading to prove what their system achieves. I'm not too comfortable with the claims of other products since most of them tend to showcase their backtesting reports. Backtesting reports can easily be faked, and their results could be very different from live trading outcomes, and I really love the way Fap Turbo guys come out in the open with their results directly on their website.

It gives me a much higher degree of confidence in their product, and the fact that they're willing to be as transparent as possible makes it all the better. I read somewhere that live trading is performed in accounts of three sizes - small, medium and large. I like that.

Apart from that, I also liked several features that I didn't see in the other products I used to use before I got Fap Turbo. I still can't figure out why these thoughtful features aren't included in other products, because I don't understand for the life of me as to why simple stuff like stop losses can't be implemented like it is in Fap Turbo. My general observation in other robots is that risky trading strategies like Martingale are adopted to achieve a decent success rate. This can sometimes lead to high drawdowns that can wipe out your entire account in a big losing streak. I have seen lower drawdowns and a thoughtful stop loss strategy in Fap Turbo besides other features that I really liked. This is cool stuff that I haven't come across before in other robots.

These are only a few things that make me stay with Fap Turbo, as I prefer to trade safe and win consistent and marginal profits on a regular basis rather than risk big and lose big.

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