Williams, Toyota, Red Bull Give Reaction on Formula 1 Race

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Williams, Toyota and Red Bull teams gave their comments on the Formula 1 race.

In general, Nico Rosberg viewed this weekend positive but not the best race today. Slightly quicker Button was obviously having a better day with his car and his tires, so he finished ahead of Rosberg and took the point. Rosberg said that it is a shame for everyone who has put in so much effort to leave with no reward. However, he said that this does not affect their position in the constructors' championship, but they need to start scoring consistently, particularly because they are now halfway through the season.

Alex Wurz obviously is not satisfied in his 14th spot. But both cars made it to the finish without any issues which proves their good reliability. He said his only problem was when he was in traffic that he was stuck in the train behind Coulthard and neither their strategy nor pace allowed them to get past Coulthard. Wurz found overtaking uneasy because he needed more maneuver. He anticipates a better luck in the new game next weekend at Silverstone because it is their team's home race.

Racers of Toyota, Toyota fuel savers maker, had different views.

Ralf Schumacher perceived it quite well aside from the first lap. He feels ashamed that they did not score points because their pace was competitive. He was unlucky when Jarno hit Kovalainen at the hairpin on the first lap. He could not go anywhere and lost a couple of positions as everyone tried to get through the corner safely. He admits he was a lot quicker than Barrichello but he could not overtake. From there on, he had difficulty on the race and lost 20 seconds before his first pit stop. He said that the car showed its potential for they kept fighting and put some good lap times in. He added that they are continuously developing the car and he was definite that they will make more progress to enhance the car.

Jarno Trulli viewed the chase as a racing accident because the field was very crowded on the first lap and he admitted that he just misjudged it going into the hairpin. He explains he was not attacking anyone but he just broke too late and hit Kovalainen, to whom he was very sorry. He admits his mistake that the impact damaged his suspension and front wing. He got back to the pits but there was no way for them to pursue.

Red Bull driver Mark Webber had a pretty good start and was fighting with Rubens (Barrichello) through Turns two and three. He got to turn five and had to go between the cars of Ralf (Schumacher) and Rubens and almost lost his car's front wing but they got through it. In the first stint, he was held up by Ralf, who in turn had Barrichello in front of him. Webber explained that on the first lap of his second stint, he had to deal with Ralf while on new tires, so it was a baffling race. He continues that they tried to go shorter in the second stint to jump Rubens. Unfortunately, it but did not work out.

Teammate David Coulthard said that the race was going quite well at the beginning. He added that he was not sure if his laps or the pit stops were not quick enough, but with both stops he did not gain any advantage. He explains that they turned the engine down towards the end of the race because they were not racing for points in the last few laps.

All these drivers are looking forward to a better race next weekend at Silverstone.

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