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by R.J. Dawson - Date: 2007-02-09 - Word Count: 405 Share This!

It seems that kids can learn a new language faster than adults can. Why is this? Well one of the main reasons is that they are not afraid to make mistakes. They will just say whatever they think is correct and if it's not they don't care. They are corrected and they move on. As adults, we don't want to look foolish and we are afraid to make mistakes, so we don't practice our speaking and we don't improve.

Once I got over the fear of speaking Spanish and making mistakes, I improved unbelievably. Even now when I am speaking Spanish with someone new I am a little hesitant, but I just say to myself "go for it" and I just start speaking. Most times they are just glad I am trying to speak their language that they don't mind my little mistakes and if I'm lucky they will correct me so I don't keep making them. I used to feel embarrassed when people would correct me, but now I look forward to it because it will improve my Spanish. A little embarrassment is a small price to pay for the ability to speak a new language.

The best advice I have received since I began learning Spanish was to just go for it and don't be afraid to speak the language. The best way to learn a language is by visiting a country that speaks the language you are trying to learn. To become proficient in your target language you will want to be there for several months or more. For most people this is not realistic, they have jobs and a family and can't just leave for months at a time. Well I did the next best thing. I got a pen pal from a language website and we started voice chatting and I haven't looked back yet. All that is needed is a computer and a microphone. I used the Pimsleur course to learn Spanish and it was great, one of the best courses I have found, a little expensive but well worth the money. I didn't know this person at first and we weren't face to face so it was easier to get over the embarrassment of making mistakes. Now my Spanish has improved and I have a new friend.

Just act childish and "go for it and" you will see your Spanish improve faster than you thought possible. Most importantly, have fun.

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