Why Mold Manifestation Increase During Summer - How to Kill Black Molds

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After a long pause through out the winter season, they come back again in summer with a more aggressive form. When summer begins, mold problem becomes a pain in many houses and people really get surprised where all these molds were during the winter?

Here are the reasons that answer why mold growth suddenly increase during summer:

It is true that mold growth rate deteriorates during winter. Molds prefer warm environment; rate of spore generation reduces when the temperature is low. However, molds do not die in cold weather. They stay dormant and wait for the right conditions for life to come.

That's the picture of outside. But inside houses, offices or commercial premises where the molds are already present continue facing the problem. Since doors and windows are kept closed during winter, indoor mold spores cannot get out of the house with air current and stay inside leading to various health problems.

It's true that chances of mold invasion from outside is comparatively low than spring, summer or rainy days. Houses that are completely free from black mold are quite safe in winter. However, if a single bit of mold spores was present in your room when you closed the windows for winter, chances are they will continue to grow through out the season.

At the end of winter season, outside molds become active again since they get the right temperature to grow. In case you had indoor molds, they must have been grown many times by this time. So the dual attack makes life miserable.

Runny noses, watery eyes, breathing problem, wheezing, sneezing and coughing are the common problems of mold infection.

If you haven't got any signal of mold manifestation inside your home in the winter season and now in summer family members have started suffering from mold allergy, chances are they have grown at hidden places like behind the sidewalls, basement, crawl places, above roofing tiles etc. You need to do a thorough inspection to find out the exact place of contamination. Then only you can proceed with mold removal process.

Learn what kills mold:

Mold cleaning is a hefty process and risky too. While cleaning molds you risk the chance of catching allergy. Cleaning time exposure can turn up to be very serious. And if you are using bleach to remove molds, you double the risk of health problems. Nascent chlorine that comes out from bleaching agents is not good to inhale and may lead to allergic reactions as well.

Natural cleaning products are safe as they do not have any side effects. Some precautions should be taken while cleaning molds. If you are doing it yourself, wear mask and gloves compulsorily. Also, wear goggles to protect your eyes from mold exposure. Open the windows and doors so that airborne mold spores and hyphal parts are taken out of the house by air.

Mold cleaning is not a temporary process. When you kill mold you expect a long term protection from toxic black molds and mildews. Molds have a tendency to come back and contaminate the same place again and again. Hence, you need to use mold cleaning products that effectively remove mold and block future mold formation.

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