The Most Effective Way To Lose Belly Fat is Not To Try To

by Peter Webber - Date: 2007-01-28 - Word Count: 458 Share This!

Confused? Don't be, it's not rocket science.

Question: How can anyone lose belly fat without at least trying to?

Answer: Easily!

By easily I'm not talking about taking pills or any other magic potions that are being bandied about all over the place. Of course it will take effort but the key is what kind of effort?

Getting into shape should not be a chore. Keeping physically fit for a lot of people is a positive by-product of the engagement of active pursuits. Take professional and amateur sportspeople for instance.

Do they obsess over their shapes and weight? Do they go out to training with the goal of looking good on the beach or in the bedroom? Of course they don't - but they do have good physiques.

The point I'm getting at here is that if your goal is to lose x amount of weight or drop a size in clothes you'll be more prone to disappointment and ultimately giving up than if your goal were to qualify for the New York or London marathon.

By setting your sites on an altogether different goal which you can measure and gain a real sense of achievement from you are far more likely to reach your 'look good naked' aims without really trying to.

On top of that taking up an active outdoor (or indoor) hobby is so much more rewarding than just slogging away on a treadmill or exercise bike and counting calories every day. The benefits of an active pass-time can be huge and really very rewarding.

You get to meet other people, see some of nature's treasures, challenge yourself and others and in a lot of cases even benefit others by raising money for charity. Few things can beat the feeling of reaching the summit of a huge climb or finishing a long distance run. And if you've raised money in the process and made a difference to someone else's life then there are even more winners.

There is so much more you can do with your training time than just lose belly fat. If you set yourself lofty goals and challenge yourself to constantly improve one day you'll look in the mirror and that spare tyre will have gone, you'll fit into those clothes again, look good on the beach, have more friends, have achievements to be proud of and in some cases will have made a difference to those less fortunate than you.

If you want to lose belly fat don't set out to try and lose belly fat. Set out to achieve something remarkable - concentrate on that and the fat will lose itself. Of all the outdoor and indoor active hobbies there are out there you should have no trouble finding something that achieves your goals, makes you happier - and maybe someone else as well.

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