Considerations for Buying a Home Treadmill

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Throughout the years, the quest to achieve a healthier body, mind and spirit has extended to the kind of exercise equipment you use. Why drag yourself to the local gym for a workout when you can bring the same convenience and results of Bally's or Gold's Gym to the comforts of your own home? A treadmill makes a great addition to a household, one that the entire family can get use from. It not only gets the heart pumping, tones and strengthens the body, but also is a great tool for weight loss.

Different Types of Treadmills

There are several different kinds of treadmills to choose from on the market. Numerous brands and manufacturers are available, providing a wide range of convenient features for your treadmill experience. There are also a variety of price tags that allows almost anyone, regardless of budget to save up for a home treadmill. Some used treadmill options can cost about $50, while a newer inexpensive model may cost between $85-$100. The higher-end treadmill brands (often loaded with advanced features) cost well over $1000.

While a commercial treadmill is mostly used for doctor offices and heavy-duty gyms, it often has a motor with higher power capacity than a treadmill marketed for home use. Commercial treadmills also weigh a considerable amount more than a home treadmill and are not created for easy storage. Many home treadmill options can fold so they do not take up as much space in a house setting.

Sometimes the reason why you want a treadmill will influence a purchase. If you plan on doing a lot of intense running or cross training, you may want to select a treadmill with higher speed options. Usually, frequent runners choose a treadmill that can reach speeds of 10mph. There are treadmill models that also offer an incline feature. An 8% to 10% incline is suggested for those looking to get into better shape.

Would you rather have a manual or a motorized treadmill? Manual treadmill selections are light and don't cost as much. Easy storage is also a plus with this option. The friction from your feet upon a running belt turns the rollers of the machine. The more popular motorized treadmill option provides a better overall workout. This is because consumers can adjust the speed of the belt to encourage walking, jogging or running. This is usually accomplished through the tap of a digital control pad.

What To Look For In a Treadmill Purchase

Over the years, treadmill choices have evolved into an all-inclusive health monitoring system, featuring some of the latest technology regarding exercise equipment. Depending on your budget and exercise needs, you may test for the following features: durability, ease of use, adequate foot rails, nice-sized belt, cushioned handrails, quality of motor, easily understandable control pad, present and customizable workout programs. Many treadmill options also offer convenient extras, such as trays, stands and holder for water bottles or sweat towels.

Health Benefits

Besides lowering cholesterol levels, increasing heart health, toning muscles, improving circulation and maintaining weight, the treadmill also boosts the immune system to better fight off infection and germs. Pregnant women can get the exercise they need through a slow walk. Senior citizens can increase bone mass and muscles through several different treadmill workouts. A home treadmill can also help with in-home therapies and rehabbing body parts.

Treadmill Maintenance

To ensure the shelf life of your treadmill, you should keep your machine dirt- and dust-free. A treadmill should be wiped clean of dirt once a week with the help of a damp cloth. Consumers should vacuum the dirt and dust that tends to accumulate between the frame and the belt. Make it a practice to adjust and align the treadmill belt. If a fuse has blown, make sure a proper replacement is used. Oil squeaky treadmill parts for optimal performance. If you keep up on the maintenance of your treadmill and you will have an efficient machine that will stand the test of time.

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