Trump, Kiyosaki, Pilzer, Allen And Proctor…all Advocate Mlms

by Karen Giardunio - Date: 2007-07-19 - Word Count: 555 Share This!

It seems that what was once considered a "Pyramid Scheme!" and a Marketing "Hoax." is now evolving into the type of entity that has everyone - including some of the top Financial and Business Gurus in the industry taking a second look! The sudden credence seems to be redefining the over all idea and general interpretation of MLMs of days gone by. The sudden reemergence of working at home employees is taking on a life of it's own. According to the 2000 Census Bureau there were over 4,000,000 people who consisted of working- at- home income earners at that time. There is every indication that the number of individuals who are choosing their own path outside of the typical office- employment venue most commonly utilized for the average worker is now on the rise.

Recently, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki - two of the most famous Real Estate and Finance experts in the country, teamed up to write a book telling people why taking control over their own lives - using MLMs is the perfect way to create residual income and as a leveraging device for a more prosperous future. Kiyosaki himself wrote yet a second book supporting this networking system as a wealth- generating device. Robert Allen has two books out that address this process towards financial freedom. His books are Multiple Streams of Income and The One Minute Millionaire. Bob proctor has a great audio CD out entitled What Would You Change If Your Annual Income…Suddenly Became Your Monthly Income? Lastly, Paul Zane Pilzer has several books out supporting the whole Network Marketing/MLM industry. His latest book The Next Millionaires gives a refreshing out look to the opportunities we have available to ourselves in joining in on this sweeping rage. He is one of the most enlightened experts in the field of Economics, and this guy really knows his stuff.

We are talking the "Cream of the Crop" here, these guys have too much at stake to put their names on something that has no merit or long term benefit to offer their wide base of staunch supporters. Now then, if you had to rely on the word of someone you know who is struggling themselves who was telling you "That stuff doesn't work!" or "It's all just a big waste of your time!" to make a decision as to whether or not this is worth taking a better look at, or…if you had available to you these gentlemen in this article - to seek out their advice instead, which of the two do you think would be the wiser choice? They have not gotten where they are at because they have bluffed their way into the Millionaires (or Billionaires) Circle. They all researched this particular field of interest before deciding to endorse it.

So, if you have come to the place in your life where you are asking these questions: "Is this all there is" or "How can I make more money?" Then perhaps heading down to your local bookstore or library to see for your self if this is a road worth venturing down - just might be worth all the effort involved. Educating yourself in this area can't hurt and it may prove to be the way you've been looking for to not only change but to improve your current way of living and thinking.

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