The Benefits of Lacrosse for Children

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Lacrosse is a fun and high energy game that is growing quickly in the United States. Interest is starting at a young age. girls and boys alike are lining up to play this sport. The athleticism, skills and finesse needed are pulling kids from all over to engage in Lacrosse. There is a misconception of danger related to this sport however, and that raises parents concerns regarding their child participating. There has been a lot of work to help Lacrosse be a safe sport and these concerns can be put to rest. Besides, the benefits far out weigh the potential risks.

Benefit #1: Increase Mental Health

Children participating in Lacrosse are benefited in their mind as well as their body. Depression is taking over many people's lives. Children are among the rising numbers effected by this disease. Although medication may be needed, activity considerably decreases the amount needed. Some studies have shown that sixty minutes of physical activity each day is as effective as a low dose of antidepressant. Although activity is not meant to replace medication it can help reduce symptoms. Exercise also releases endorphins and tension in your muscles along with improving attitude and clearing the mind. All of these things together mean a happier kid, and more able to handle the challenges of life now and develop a method of reducing stress that will benefit them their entire life. Your child doesn't suffer from depression? The same benefits apply. Youth experience stress and anxiety regardless of specific health conditions.

Benefit #2: Prevents Obesity

Child obesity on the rise with many youth just watching, cheering, and idolizing sports and athletes. The television is on and the chips are out. Not only are they increasing caloric intake, but the lack of activity lowers their overall metabolism and makes putting on the weight easier and continual throughout the day and night. Because there seems to be a trend of across the board of inactivity and weight gain among children and adolescence the U.S. government has even established programs to help kids move and make activity a daily part of their life. Physical education programs are cut back and even cut out in some schools. Children's physical activity is limited to that which they get on the playground and high school students are not opting to take as many P.E. classes as even 10 years ago. Lacrosse is a challenging and engaging sport that motivates children and teens to want to get the exercise they need.

Benefit #3: Build Endurance

Lacrosse combines the skills of basketball, soccer and hockey into a fast paced, high endurance test of strength and agility. With a playing area roughly the size of a football field there is a high demand for speed and strength. The training is rigorous and focused. Dedication is required to succeed. Struggling physically also helps build a person mentally. Pushing through and making a goal builds confidence and commitment. The hard work that goes into this sport helps develop a strong character, one that will benefit a person for years to come and help them endure other things in life unrelated to the game.

Benefit #4: Social Interaction

One of the great things about team sports is that you are part of a team. The players work, sweat, plan and play together. The time spent focused on a goal bonds the players together. Childhood and adolescense is a time for searching and learning to relate to peers and form friendships. Playing together allows for positive shared experiences with others and a setting to develop social skills. Children and teens who can be together and have a common purpose will have a greater chance at success in life, as much of what people do for work and community involves associating and working with others.

If your child is interested in playing lacrosse, these are only a few benefits they will experience. With the popularity of this sport growing more each year, and with leagues and teams set up all over the country, it is a past-time that can continue on throughout their life.

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