One Migraine Headache Symptom Could Help You Predict The Future

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The migraine headache is one of the worst headaches known to mankind. These headaches render the afflicted completely debilitated until the pain and migraine headache symptom or symptoms pass. Even then the person will need time to recover as dealing with severe pain, which is only one migraine headache symptom, is very exhausting.

How do you recognize a migraine headache? How is a migraine headache different from a regular headache such as a tension headache or a sinus headache? The ability to differentiate between the types of headaches is necessary, as the treatment will drastically differ for each. The only way to diagnose a migraine headache is to look for a characteristic migraine headache symptom or collection of symptoms.

Not all migraine headache sufferers will show all the symptoms at one time, or even one migraine headache symptom consistently with all their migraine headaches. Not all migraines are the same.

One consistent migraine headache symptom is the moderate to severe pain experienced. The pain can be all on one side or both sides of the head. Only the pain from cluster headaches or a meningitis headache is worse. The pain is not static, which would be easier to ignore, but is throbbing or pulsating. Physical activity of any kind makes it much worse so most sufferers lie down very still in a dark room to seek relief.

Another migraine headache symptom is sensitivity to light and/or sound. Light of any intensity seems to cut right through the eye and make the level of pain experienced spike. Relief from this symptom can be found by shutting off all lights, blocking all light coming in from windows and also having a wet washcloth over the eyes to keep any light from sneaking in. The sensitivity to any light is hard to deal with as the sufferer is left alone unable to see or speak due to the pain. The sensitivity to sound includes even listening to soothing light music.

Besides the severe pain and sensitivities there is another well known migraine headache symptom that may not occur with every headache. This symptom is the aura that precedes the migraine headache by 15 to 30 minutes. The aura can take a few forms such as flashes of light, blind spots in vision, gradual blackout of vision and zigzag lines. I have experienced two kinds of auras the zigzag lines and blind spots. I actually saw a large arc composed of vibrating red and blue triangles for many of my migraines. It was impossible to function once this occurred as anywhere I looked the aura was in the way blocking my vision. As a migraine headache symptom, the blind spot was less stressful to deal with, came on gradually and left just as slowly. I was able to see more than with the vibrating triangle aura, but it was still impossible to read or drive.

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