These is What Perception and Intervention of Stress is About

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There has been many debates as to what stress really is and what causes it. It is common knowledge that stressors are responsible for causing stress and they vary from stressor to stressor because some may be less intense than the others. All in all, you want to know how you can eliminate it in the best possible way. We need to realize however that our brains play a major role in stress and some people have suggested that it is solely the source of stress in our bodies. For any awareness to be created in our bodies about stress, the brain has to act and within a very short time.

When it comes to perception and intervention of stress, we basically explain them the best way we know how. Perception is our thoughts or beliefs about stress which might be right or wrong. Intervention is our attempt to reverse the stress and create the relief we need. We need to understand the stressors or the triggers of stress in our lives, so that we can engage the right intervention that will work. Firstly, you need to take stress as an everyday reality not just a disorder that needs to be eradicated totally. The fact that man has not been able to master all aspects of stress means that we continue to learn.

The best thing after knowing a bit about stress is to follow on the intervention that have been seen to work. Also handling better the potential stressors in our lives might help. We can only react to stressors when they come and the key is to react in the best way that will not affect your health. One example of this is when you go home and meet your house is burning in flames and people are staring in amazement. There are people who will be stressed out remembering their possessions and valuables and eventually throwing themselves into the fire in a bid to salvage an item. There is a huge possibility that they will also burn and the loss will be greater.

There are those people who will have a totally different reaction which is to get emotional but nevertheless to value their lives and dignity compared to their possessions. Stressors are usually unexpected an they can be as severe as you can imagine but, there is an intervention which involves adjusting your mind to every possibility to avoid severe stress in life. However, this stress preparedness has been found to be unique to individuals and there is no way you can determine the effects of stress when a human being faces disaster. You need to analyze your life and know what stress can do in your life.

By knowing this, you will be able to adjust the best way you know how when the need arises. The above example is as a result of an external stressor and you can have the example of personal shortcomings. One example is when a person for one reason or the other decides to take their own life. There is nothing much we can do to convince the determined will of such a person and you need to be careful and realize that stress has the capacity and power to convince you either to do right or wrong.

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