A Simple Four Step Plan To Prevent Hardening Of The Arteries

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As we age finding ways to prevent hardening of the arteries is only smart. With over 400,000 people each year dyeing of coronary heart disease (most over the age of 55), of which hardening of the arteries is a major contributing factor we all should be adopting a healthy style of living which will not only help us live longer but raise the quality of our lives in the meantime. Why accept the idea that as we age we must slow down? Why not keep our arteries clear of artery clogging plaque, our hearts strong, and live life to its fullest. After all we only have one life to live.

How to prevent hardening of the arteries - Cause

This condition is caused by a buildup of cholesterol, dead cells, fibrous tissue, and calcium in the interior lining of our arteries. As the obstruction builds less blood reaches the parts of the body supplied by the damaged, ever narrowing artery. If the artery supplies blood to our brain we think poorly and are at risk of stroke, if the artery supplies blood to our heart we are at risk for a heart attack, and if the artery supplies our kidneys and/or liver we are at risk of kidney or liver failure. All conditions that can cause death, put our senior years on hold, or disrupt our quality of life to a point where we can't do the things we need to do to be happy or earn a living.

How to prevent hardening of the arteries - A four step plan for preventing hardening of the arteries

*Increase consumption of folic acid, vitamin B-6, and vitamin B-12: These three vitamins reduce the chances of elevated homocysteine amino acid levels which have been shown to damage the interior lining of the arteries and facilitate the accumulation of artery clogging plaque.

*700 to 900 milligrams of DHA/EPA omega 3 fatty acids daily: Omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammation in the arteries, there is also some evidence to suggest that these beneficial fatty acids may heal the damaged interior lining of the arteries thus reducing the chances of cholesterol accumulation, and lastly aid in the removal of existing plaque deposits. The 700 to 900 milligram number is the amount suggested by the American Heart Association and can be acquired by eating cold water fatty fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel) twice a week or in fish oil supplements . Consult your doctor for the dosage that is right for you.

*Keep cholesterol in check: By reducing the amount of cholesterol you consume you are in fact taking the artery clogging fuel away from hardening of the arteries. Generally speaking you should keep your cholesterol intake below 25 percent of total calories, and saturated fat intake below 10 percent of total calories. Additionally, some have found a natural cholesterol reduction supplement to be helpful as well in reducing bad cholesterol (LDL), raising good cholesterol (HDL), and reducing dangerous triglyceride levels.

*Stay active: For many of us over 50 staying active is harder than it used to be. Our joints may hurt, we may have some shortness of breath, we may not have someone to exercise with, we may not be able to muster up the energy after work, or simply may not have the willpower to exercise after a certain age. But if your goal is to prevent hardening of the arteries you will need to stay active according to the American Heart Association. They recommend implementing a doctor approved exercise plan consisting of 30 minutes or more of exercise 5 or more days a week. A few of the activities worth considering are swimming, pool aerobics, walking, and cycling.

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