Facing Financial Crisis Then Move Your Teaching Career Abroad

by Kelly Blackwell - Date: 2008-10-12 - Word Count: 525 Share This!

When you are struggling to make ends meet a radical change in your life is called for. It is a fact that teachers are not well paid, but international teachers working in international schools receive good salaries and most positions come with an expatriate benefits package.

An expatriate package for an international teacher can include a yearly flight home, housing, utility contribution, health insurance (with pre-existing conditions covered), retirement contribution, contract completion bonus, and more. All of this adds up to money you do not have to spend from your salary.

Currently I save fifty percent of my salary without breaking a sweat or doing without the things I love. I know I save half because I am paid 50% in the local currency and 50% in US dollars. I do not touch the US dollar portion of my salary except to send it home. Can you save half of your salary right now?

Living in a developing country while earning an excellent salary for a developed country means that your money goes much further. In many developing countries things like groceries, household help, transportation, utilities, etc. are much more affordable than at home in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. You can maintain a high standard of living using only a fraction of your salary and have disposable income to save, pay of debt or travel.

If teaching in a developing country does not appeal to you, you can take this opportunity to teach in Europe or the UK where you will be paid in a currency that is holding its value well in the global financial meltdown of 07-08. What European and British schools do not offer in expatriate benefits is compensated with the strength of the Euro and the Pound.

With current technology it is easy to manage your financial life over the internet using secure websites provided by your financial institution. Sending money between countries is as easy as pressing a button or completing a form at your local bank. You can even use Skype to call your bank's customer service desk at home for next to nothing.

In addition to relieving your financial burden, securing a teaching position overseas will enable you to explore new cultures, teach children who are eager to learn and provide an excellent private education for your children.

I do not teach abroad for the financial benefits, but because of the experiences teaching abroad offers me. I have travelled extensively throughout Asia, most recently spending the summer in China right before the Olympics. I've also spent a great deal of time travelling around the UK and Europe. Additionally, I enjoy teaching students who want to learn, who are respectful and who have parents that are supportive.

The only downside I can see is that my friendships span the globe and that makes it difficult to meet up with people as often as I would like. On the other hand, I have many people to visit with when I travel!

There are over 4000 international schools worldwide and if you have a teaching qualification and 2 years experience then you are eligible to teach abroad.

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