Late Night Snacks Make It Hard To Take The Pounds Off

by Douglas Taylor - Date: 2007-02-20 - Word Count: 474 Share This!

Weight loss plans would not be nearly as difficult if it were not for one thing. I do well with my healthy eating habits until the evening hours. I will be watching TV and the next thing you know I have grabbed some sort of unhealthy snack.

I read somewhere that most people usually eat about the same amount of calories during the day. When the sun goes down the person that is overweight tends to scarf those calories down. When you eat at night it tends to be a comfort for some folks. Everything slows down and you have more time to think about what types of goodies are in your pantry. It is essential to get these your late night eating habits under control if weight loss is your goal.

Below are a few tips to help you accomplish this task.

Keep yourself occupied. Most of the time you tend to eat more at night out of boredom. When the urge to eat comes upon you try to keep busy. Get off of the couch and go for a walk or call a friend on the phone. You will probably find once you get busy the hunger pains will leave as quickly as they come.

Make sure you eat enough during the day. Even if you are on a diet if you do not take enough calories in during the day you will get hungry at night. Eating enough calories each day so you are satisfied is better than cutting way back and then pigging out when you get home. Try to eat most of your calories during the daytime and then go with a light supper with something like fruit for your late night snack.

Eat supper at your table. You need to train your eating habits to think of supper as a meal. Most people like to eat while doing something else like watching TV or while you are surfing the Internet. By eating at the table you will be less distracted. This should help you not eat as much.

Eat healthy snacks. When you have to have something to eat at night try to make it something that is good for you. Try fruit instead of potato chips or yogurt when you are craving a milkshake. Whatever you decide to snack on make sure it is of reasonable size. Even healthy foods need to eaten with some restraint.

Get in the bed. When the old hunger pains hit you right before bedtime why not go on to bed. This will benefit you in two ways, you will get plenty of sleep and you will beat out your desire to eat late at night.

These tips should help you get your late night eating habits under control. You must decide what you need to do and see it through until the end. The results may surprise you.

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