This Cardio Workout Rocks! Ignites Metabolism; Torches Off Fat; Improves Fitness; Builds Endurance

by Cecelia Yap - Date: 2008-07-02 - Word Count: 382 Share This!

Here's a home cardio workout with no equipment that's powerful and effective; that's sure to kick start your metabolism; burn calories and improve your cardiovascular fitness and endurance......

It's a routine that spices up your walking or running program, that comes with mighty challenging intervals that sure make your heart rate revving up like never before.

The gist is mixing up the exercises and heightening their intensity, to keep your body challenged and your mind interested. You won't feel bored. And you can modify the exercise to fit your fitness level and goals.

1. Warm-up for 3-5 minutes doing marching in place or walk briskly

2. Walk or jog for 2 minutes. This would be your basic pace - a pace that makes you breathe harder but at the same time also allows you to hold a conversation

3. Do walking lunge for 1 minute

4. Speed walk or run for 1 minute. When you're here, increase your intensity so that you work at a pace that's above your basic pace

5. Walk or jog for 1 minute

6. Slow down to let your heart rate to go down to your basic pace

7. Sprint for 1 minute

8. Slow down to let your heart rate to go down to your basic pace

9. Walk or jog for 3 minutes. Then slow down to your basic pace

10. Do pushup for 1 minute

11. Do jumping jacks for 1 minute

12. Speed walk or run for 1 minute. Increase your pace here to intensify your workout

13. Walk or jog for 3 minutes. Slow down to your basic pace

14. Do 1 minute long jump

15. Speed walk or run for 1 minute. Go slow to lower your heart rate

16. Jog vigorously for 1 minute; then jog gently for 1 minute

17. Walk or jog for 3 minutes

18. Slow down to your basic pace

19. Cool-down for 3-5 minutes doing easy walk

Note: Duration for the above cardio workout is about 30 minutes (including warm-up and cool-down sessions)

You do each interval, one after the other and finish 1 circuit for a 30-minute workout, 2 circuits for a 60-minute workout.

You can skip any exercise that hurts, makes you dizzy or puts you at any kind of risk.

This routine is not for beginner in cardio workout. If you're a beginner, please start off with an appropriate routine that suits your level of fitness and strength.

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