Where Will You Go? - How To Find A Child Custody Lawyer In West Virginia

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"And they lived happily ever after…"

Not all marriages have a fairytale love affair. Some may be successful on keeping their marriage vows. Others may not.

When couple has reached the point where they could not anymore settle their differences among them, commonly they decide to separate or file a divorce.

When separation or divorce enters the picture, normally the children are the ones greatly affected. To protect your child from further hurts caused by the fall of your marriage, you start to seek custody for your child. If you are from West Virginia, you may want to look into some background information with regards to child custody lawyers. It may help you search for lawyers who will guide you obtain custody of your child.

Here are some tips which may help you obtain good child custody lawyer in West Virginia:

The Internet is a good venue for you to find good child custody lawyers in West Virginia. However make a thorough investigation with the law firm or the lawyer you have encountered via the Internet.

Another option is to go about with discussion, advertisements and articles pertaining to child custody. Most likely there are names of lawyers incorporated on the said written piece.

Yellow Pages
Hunt down your yellow pages and look for the legal section in West Virginia where you can find lawyers all over said place. After you found the names of child custody lawyers then it is time for you to make an appointment with them so that you will have further knowledge on what they can do for you.

Family and Friends
It may be likely that one of your family or friends have sought the help of a child custody lawyer before. Hence they can greatly help you get a good lawyer. Additionally, your family and friends can also seek the help of their friends and may refer you to recommended ones.

Moreover, your family and friends can also be your source of support. By this time, you will need ample support - both emotional and physical. There are times that they can extend even financial and spiritual help.

Legal Aid Agencies
If you know of a legal aid agency in West Virginia then you can go visit their office and seek help for any child custody lawyers which they can recommend. Most likely legal aid agencies offer "pro bono" services or at a reduced cost.

Make sure that the child custody lawyer you will choose shall carefully help you with your child custody case. Some of the important matters which you must observe from him are:

•Your lawyer must have a strong background in making concession and court proceedings regarding child custody. Experience and involvement are the key elements that you should consider.

•He must help you prepare for any custody assessment. Additionally, he must be able to gather documents which will be helpful for the custody case.

•Above-all he must be adept in safeguarding the welfare of your child through his legal knowledge and expertise.

Not all marriages lived happily ever after but you can still build a good foundation for your child if you give him proper care and nourishment he needs. All you need to do is know where you will go and fight for your right!

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