Ipam - Making A Business Virtue Out Of A Technical Necessity

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IP address management is a service necessary for many financial holding companies. Businesses providing deposit, credit, trust and investment services to a broad range of retail, business and institutional clients have a large network infrastructure, making IP address management a business critical issue.

A central IP address management system enables different information services teams to manage tasks themselves, instead of dedicating people specifically for that role. This leaves more time to attend to more strategic functions and increase organizational agility.


IPControl™ software supports the entire IP address lifecycle for both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. It enables cohesive and simplified management of IP address space, subnets, DNS, DHCP, and individual address assignment in one integrated solution.

The test and approval phase involves investigating the software feature set and mapping it onto the business model. The innate flexibility of IPControl allows a client to keep processes they are not yet willing to let go of while moving forward with implementation of the central IP address management system.


An efficient and reliable systems environment is built on well-run IP address management. Companies might keep track of thousands of devices using the Discover Router Subnet process every night. The following morning, they know where every Layer 3 device is, right down to the last router. Unexpected results are tracked and corrected.

IPControl helps companies discover any differences between what is in IPControl and what is on each of the Layer 3 devices, thus allowing for discrepancies to be addressed on a daily basis, which can drastically improve efficiency.

There are other, less obvious, advantages. For example, keeping the systems environment aligned with the real estate portfolio not only improves asset management but also assures even higher security levels.

IPControl has flexible user-defined fields so that clients are not forced to use a single site identifier, which would require putting additional information in a generic comment field. This limitation would mean that the ability to search separately on critical fields is not possible, severely limiting reporting options. Instead, with IPControl, business can, for example, call up all the sites in a geographical area. In summary, IPControl allows distributed systems management, optimizing the use of people resources, while central verification keeps everything in step.

IPControl™, the most comprehensive IP address management (IPAM) solution on the market today, is available as a software application or pre-installed on Sapphire appliances. It provides centralized full lifecycle management of mission critical IP management functions including IPv4 and IPv6 address space assignment, allocation/reallocation, pool monitoring, utilization tracking and creation, and deployment of multi-vendor DNS and DHCP configurations.

IPControl offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to critical network IP address management tasks, with flexible deployment options to integrate into a multi-vendor DNS/DHCP infrastructure. The product has a friendly graphical user interface, and unsurpassed customizability via ExtenSimple™ architecture.

Designed for enterprises and service providers with distributed network locations, IPControl software and Sapphire hardware enable customers to remotely administer IPAM policies and DNS/DHCP services from an intuitive central system. Meanwhile, business using IPControl enjoy the peace of mind that comes from centralized patches and upgrades, and built-in security and redundancy features. Sapphire appliances provide the most comprehensive IPAM feature set with the ability to monitor and manage distributed servers all from a single holistic web user interface.

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