How To Protect Your Identity When Doing Domain Name Registration

by Jed Baguio - Date: 2006-12-03 - Word Count: 380 Share This!

The Internet has brought many advantages; one of these is having your own domain name. With the great number of domain name registration companies online, all website owners have to do is to choose the company that will meet their needs.

Although there are advantages brought by registering for domain names, there are also some disadvantages it gives. One is the thought of giving out all of your information. Since domain name registration needs all personal data for validity purposes, many worry about what they will be giving out.

It is diagnosed for your personal information become available online since there are scammers and spammers who will be using your data for their own selfish desires and gain. Some domain name registration companies are very careful with the website owner's information but some are just reckless in keeping them.

To keep away from possible dangers that domain name registration process can give, it is advised to all applicants to take extra care to things they give out.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Since giving out false data will not work, it is better to take it from those who have been there and done it. There are two things you can do to protect yourself from those who might try to get hold of your info. The following are as follows:

Substitute registration

After registering your domain name to a certain company, you will be under a binding agreement to abide with the rules being set by the registrar. Therefore, supplying them with the things they need.

There are domain name registration companies that will provide you with an email for them to filter put spasm and monitor you. The company holds all your personal info and whoever tries to reach you must go through them first. They will keep your data privately as long as you have not violated their laws.

Confidential registration

In here, you will only provide the company with your name and some of administration contact and the company will provide for the address, phone number and email. Since it is registered under your own, then you have full control of your domain name.

These two kinds of registration have their own unique qualities. You just have to choose one which will suit your privacy needs. Choose the legitimate one and will fulfill their promises.

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