Advanced Video Poker Strategy

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Second to blackjack and Craps, Video Poker gives a player the best odds in the UK casino. It is here that you find the fun of a slot machine and a table game combined and you can play at your own pace. In fact, people who have been gambling for a while play Video Poker in an effort to relax between the more demanding games.

Now you should not go by appearances and conclude that Video Poker is the same as a slot machine. In addition, unlike the other gambling options that you have, this requires skill as well as luck.

Here the cards are dealt out randomly and the house edge is determined according to how much it pays for the winning combinations. Moreover, you have to select a machine with a suitable payout schedule as different machines have different schedules. To play to win you should know how to play five-card draw poker. In video poker you are to insert a coin (or more than one as you choose) into the machine and then press the deal button. On the screen, you will see five cards are dealt to you. You have to pick the ones you want by pushing the hold button under each card. You then press the deal button again and once more, you are dealt the number of cards that you did not choose initially.

You now have the final poker hand. If you have a winning combination, you will receive the payout. Many machines have a payout schedule of 97 to 98%. Now the interesting feature in video poker is that you are not out to beat the opponent's hand. Rather, you have try to get any of the five card winning combinations.

While at the game in casino royal, you must be careful with the hold button. Some people tend to hit too fast or too hard with the result that the card they mean to hold is discarded. Therefore, before you push the hold button you have to make sure that you have all the cards that you want to hold.

Before you start playing, you have to observe the machine carefully. There are some hold buttons while the others are discard buttons. Moreover, you have to keep your eye out for a machine that pays 9-to-1 for a full house and 6-to-1 for a flush. In addition, the key to hitting a royal is to play many Video Poker hands.

You should also avoid the deuces wild poker machines for the payout here is very low-almost impossible to acquire. Unless you hit four deuces, you will not be able to sustain the game. So even before you, start playing you have to pick your Video Poker strategy and stick with it. Therefore, the more conservative players would keep a pair while the others would break a pair if they see a chance for a Royal Flush. Moreover, you should avoid keeping a kicker (a high card in addition to your pair). This strategy is very likely to work against you. In fact, it can reduce our return by a good 5%.

You should pick Jacks or other machines that pay nine coins for a full house and six for a flush. Moreover, you have the bet the maximum amount of coins to get a bonus for Royal Flush. As a fresher, you should start with the lowest denomination machine and practice until you attain a higher level of expertise.

As you play, you will realize that it is not the ace but the jack that is the most important card that you have. Holding the jack over the ace gives you a better chance to win than the ace itself would. Therefore, while you are paling you have to observe and study hard. As you are playing against the machine, you will not receive any complaints for being slow. You should also cash out your poker credits frequently.

While playing Video Poker as virtual casino you have to make some very conscious decisions. You should not let yourself be distracted by the flashing lights, bells and whistles-they exist so you will not think too much in the first place. You are then liable to develop automated responses and hit the keys without thinking. This is the place where you can make mistakes and start discarding you winning combinations.

While playing you should avoid holding a card simply because it is a high card. You should do this only if it is paired with another or a flush or a straight looks likely. A single high card is only a liability-the kicker.

You have to ensure that you have the maximum amount of coins per hand. Most online video poker games give a bonus to those who play the maximum coins. This way you can make the odds higher for yourself. At an online game, you can actually set the coin amount to something that you are at ease.

Moreover, remember that a Royal Flush can occur at any time. If there has been no hit for a longtime then it is not likely to hit now too. This is because every hand has its own odds and starts fresh with every new hand.

Before you start playing, you should also know how to read a payout schedule and the difference between the short, partial, and full play versions. And if you have been playing for sometime now you will know that the cards are chosen at random and there is no way to make the machine loose or tight. Moreover, you should try to use a slot club card wherever it is available. It gives free money for playing and can give you the winning edge that you need.

Moreover, there is the cardinal rule to be observed as with all other gambling games-always set a limit for how much you are going to spend. You have to know where to draw the line.

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