Mental Motivation and Goal Setting For Effective Workout

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It is an accepted fact that workouts keep one fit and healthy. But an effective exercise routine would be one, which would help the development of the mind and body. The performance can be maximized, by the use of proper motivation and goal setting methods. In psychological terms, motivation refers to initiation, direction, intensity and persistence of behavior. Motivation is a dynamic state of mind, the desire and willingness to do something. Incorporating these techniques in your workout regime can work wonders for both, your mind and body.

Sports psychologists have been successfully using these techniques, to maximize physical performance. This strategy can be used by anyone, depending on the fitness regime adopted. The focus for every effort and routine should be through mental preparation. Process oriented goal setting through visualization and relaxation and other mental techniques should be adopted.

Total concentration and mental focus can be achieved by association. It is a technique used in which a person totally drowns himself in the task being performed. While exercising, focusing attention on the movement of body parts and muscles is very beneficial. Such a technique is commonly used in martial arts, where coordination between body parts is increased dramatically. When a person decides to go with the flow, there is full, but relaxed concentration on every task. A person should immerse himself in the current activity with mind, body and soul. At such times, a person is totally free from all kinds of worries and concerns and thus, excellence is achieved.

Disassociation is another technique, where attention is diverted from the body part, as well as the task being performed. Thus, it is exactly opposite to association. This can be used when one gets bothered by constant repetition. Constant repetition of exercise causes discomfort, stress and also fatigue at times. But if the attention is maintained out of focus, the exercise can be performed for much longer time, which would no doubt benefit the body. Music and vocal suggestions can also be used to practice disassociation.

Different kinds of techniques can be applied at different times. Some can be applied at the start, some at the end and some during the workout. Visualization is one such technique, where one thinks good thoughts and pictures nice images. As there is a direct correlation between the mind and the body, the body will be affected in a positive way. This technique can be used before exercising, to feel motivated to exercise. When used during a workout, it makes you feel good about what you are doing and helps you focus on the benefits that it will bring you. After the work out, it can be used to connect to the inner self and visualize the purpose of the exercise, which is ultimately fulfilled and makes you feel calm and relaxed. The mind can be fed with anything, to develop confidence and self esteem.

Other techniques such as guided muscle and body relaxation using breathing techniques and simultaneously concentrating on the body parts can help overcome stress and enhance performance. Usually negative thinking leads to de-motivation and failure. Positive thinking is used to suppress negative thoughts and weaknesses and glorify strengths and also believing that you can do anything.

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