3 Reasons to Have a Bicycle and Use a Bicycle Cargo Trailer

by Andrew Hallinan - Date: 2010-10-17 - Word Count: 568 Share This!

Many people still think a bicycle is a kid's toy. But with the tough economy and steep gas prices, many adults are finding the joy, monetary smarts, and health benefits to riding a bicycle themselves. In recent years, the adult bicycle seems to be re-emerging from the dusty, cob-web corners of the garage.

1. Bicycles are more cost efficient than a motorized vehicle.

Post WWII's economic prosperity has slowly become a modern-day recession, meaning oil, and therefore gasoline, prices have been on an upward trajectory. Particularly in cities, where a riding a bicycle instead of driving a car may actually save time, two wheels and a couple of pedals are making a reappearance. But beyond the most commonly thought of savings in gasoline, the initial, upfront cost is obviously much cheaper! A nice, quality bike can be bought on one paycheck (complete with all the safety and fun accessories), versus years of payments and interest rates on a car, or even a motorcycle. In the same way, the difference in the cost of upkeep for a motorized vehicle verses a bicycle is astronomical, and that's under the assumption that most people wouldn't be able to fix their own bicycles (which isn't true, there are plenty of handy people out in the world who could handle their own repairs for their bike). Parts and labor are both cheaper for the environmentally friendly means of transportation.

2. The limitations of a bicycle are easily overcome with a bicycle cargo trailer.

Many people quickly reject a bicycle as primary mode of transportation because they believe it to be very limiting in terms of transporting goods or other people who can't quite ride bikes of their own (namely, their young children). Those who might be interested in primarily using a bicycle in their daily transportation think it will be very limiting, particularly in the case of grocery shopping. How can a bicycle transport more than a couple of snacks from the store home? The best solution: a bicycle cargo trailer. A bicycle cargo trailer is exactly what its name implies, a trailer for your bicycle specifically designed for transporting large amounts of goods. Some trailers are enclosed, and others look more like open crates. Research will help determine what is best for what needs to be transported, and almost any type will be perfect for transporting a week's worth of family groceries. In other words, a bicycle cargo trailer is really just another name for what could best be considered a detachable trunk for a bicycle. Bicycle cargo trailers are also the perfect way for transporting young children in the family who may be too young to ride their own bike or who would be too tired by the long journey.

3. The addition of a bicycle cargo trailers makes for even better exercise.

A bicycle is a well-known method of exercise. It is a great way to do cardio, not to mention build up some leg muscles. But to get an even better workout and build up even more endurance, a great idea is to attach the bicycle cargo trailer and then load it up with whatever you prefer. That may be your children or grandchildren, or a silent companion such as your pet, or inanimate poundage such as dead weight in the form of bricks or dumbbells. Being sure to securely attach whatever form of weight chosen, pack up the bicycle cargo trailer and pedal away.

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