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by Jacob Henderson - Date: 2006-12-30 - Word Count: 430 Share This!

When a computer problem occurs, most people think twice before attempting to find out what went wrong and rectifying it. This is mainly due to the fact that not all of us are technical experts. So in the even of a, say, virus attack, we go as far as closing the programs we were working on, shut down and wait for help. If we are lucky, we get pc restore help promptly; if not, we have no option but to wait. With Rollback Rx system restore software and disaster recover solution, a situation like that would never occur. Not only do you not have to wait for help, but also you don't need help at all. Rollback Rx is very easy to use and your pc restore can be performed in seconds. No need to dread operating system reinstalls which is a cumbersome affair.

Minimizing Downtime, Maximizing Productivity

Recovering data lost, installing drivers and other applications are generally the domain of trained technicians. There is every possibility of encountering a problem in the process - in which case they will have to start all over again. Very time-consuming and frustrating. The user loses productive hours, and there are chances of data loss. Retrieving the data is another major exercise. The user may have to do every thing again. But if Rollback Rx system restore software is installed in the system, this sort of situation would never happen. The user himself, in the event of a computer glitch, can easily reboot the pc and rollback the system to a system configuration snapshot taken by Rollback Rx. This gets the system functioning like before. It only takes a few seconds for this process.

The ability to fix computer problems so quickly and neatly without data loss is Rollback Rx's specialty and it is quite hard to believe that computer problems of any complexity and size can be sorted out with a pc restore that can be performed with a single click. Restoring computer settings, recovering accidentally deleted data, recovering from a virus infection, setting right software installations that failed, etc. - are only a few of the most common faced problems that can be set right with Rollback Rx. Even when the operating system does not start up, Rollback Rx system restore utility can still get your pc up and running since it operates at the sector level. All this is achieved in the time it takes to reboot or restart your pc. Rollback Rx also takes care of your Windows automatic update without you having to leave your systems on for lengthy periods of time unattended.

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