Didn't Get A W-2 From Your Employer?

by Richard Chapo - Date: 2007-02-04 - Word Count: 374 Share This!

Working for an employer has its perks. One of them is you get a W-2 summarizing your earnings and taxes paid. But what if your employer didn't issue one to you?

The W-2 form is what is known as an information tax return. Actually known as a Wage and Tax Statement, the W-2 tells the IRS two things - what you were paid and what the employer paid out in wages. The employer will actually file all the W-2s at the same time, giving the IRS a record of all wages paid that it can match against deductions and payroll taxes.

Employers are required to issue all W-2 forms by January 31, 2006. Essentially, this means they have to be in the mail by then. That being said, employers are infamous for failing to prepare and send them on time. Your employer did not get into the business to do tax forms, so this is somewhat understandable. The employer doesn't get any benefit out of not sending them, so understand that they are most likely not up to anything fishy per se.

So, what if you haven't received yours yet? Well, the first step is to use a little common sense. Go talk to the person responsible for the payroll. If you see black rings under their eyes and a pile of forms, you can be assured they are working on it! To make sure things go smoothly, make sure they have your current address.

In rare situations, your employer might be falling down on the W-2 job. This can often happen if you left their employment late in the year. Again, call to see what is going on. If you don't get a satisfactory answer, you can take a more serious step. Call the IRS! Employers that don't pay or report employee wages are a hot button for the agency. You can be assured they will crack the whip within a few days.

So what happens if April 15th rolls around and you still don't have the W-2? You should go ahead and figure out what you made and paid off of your paycheck stubs. Unfortunately, you will need to file Form 4825 with your tax return. Yes, another form to fill out. Welcome to the world of tax!

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