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Unfortunately due to politics, North Cyprus has not been on the tourist map for a number of years, but recent political developments seem to be changing all that now. It has only been the southern part of the island that has been discovered by British tourists, but the negative outcome has been higher prices and over commercialization. That is what makes the North so interesting as the cost of land is cheaper and it has been virtually untouched by the tourism industry, so you can see why it won't take long for the developers to move in.

Although it is just a coincidence, the North has more natural beauty to offer than the South making it even more attractive investment wise. There is quite an amazing stretch of coastline to discover as well as a real traditional Cypriot way of life, untouched for so many years. It is not a real shock that development big time is taking place in the North, and their building confidence is due to the fact that final prices are 50% less than in the South.

If you are lucky enough to buy off plan, you can expect a 30% increase in value by the time of completion in the area of the district of Kyrenia. The same district is also a very popular resort of tourists in summer and there are already a lack of villa rentals. The very latest project to get going is to the east of Kyrenia where a brand new 18 hole golf course development and a marina in under way. This region of Cyprus in right by the sea and is surrounded by mountain peaks, but land is so much more cheaper here compared with other developed Mediterranean countries.

Property Development: This has probably become the best way to earn quick profits in modern times as Europe has really opened up. The growth increase has just started in North Cyprus so you could say that things have just begun and it's just like anything else...The pioneers make the biggest profits. Property investment has caught on fast over the last few years as it becomes the most secure method of making money, especially as banks start to close their doors. North Cyprus is not only a secure place for investment, it will make you rich so make sure you get your foot in the ladder quick.

There is no doubt in my mind that Villas and apartments for sale in North Cyprus will provide potential investors with a quick or long term profit, and that the way to make the biggest profit is by going directly to the builder. This is where you are going to need a bit of advice and guidance, so that you come out with the best deal possible.

The recent increase in development has really put the north on the map and tourism is growing fast as package deals are put together to allow people to come and get the most out of this virgin part of Cyprus. There are certain issues still remaining between the governments of the North and South of Cyprus although enormous progress has been made recently through the help of the EC. One thing they do agree on the is free movement throughout the island for tourists, so you can really feel the adventure in Cyprus. To get more information and tips on property investment in North Cyprus, you should head over to immediately.

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