How to Get a Better Sex Life Using Erection Enhancers

by Bob Hansen - Date: 2007-03-20 - Word Count: 546 Share This!

When you have problems in your sex life, it can cause enormous issues for your over all well being. The importance of feeling secure in your ability to please your partner is important. Not only does it affect the way you feel about yourself but it can largely impact your confidence level as a whole. Not to mention your partner may stake a part of the way they feel about your relationship in your ability to please them.

Erectile dysfunction is classified as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection. In plain English, simply put you cannot get hard or stay hard. This has dramatic effects on your lifestyle. The causes of ED can be many things. To find the best option for your situation you need to find out what causes your erectile dysfunction. Then you can find the most effective erection enhancer.

When your body becomes aroused your brain sends a signal to release nitric oxide into the nerve endings and vessels of your penis. At that point an enzyme called cGMP relaxes the tissue of your penis allowing your blood flow to increase and the arteries to dilate. There is also a chemical called PDE-5 that digests the cGMP keeping the levels in check. If too much PDE-5 is in your system it can reduce your supply of cGMP causing this process to be inhibited. This is the major cause of erectile dysfunction. Most of the medicinal erection enhancers work to either inhibit the production of PDE-5 in your body or enhance the amount of cGMP.

So how do you know which one of these erection enhancers will work best for you? The best option is to consult your physician if you have any questions. This is not a topic which needs to be the source of embarrassment. The importance of restoring your sexual confidence is a driving influence. Specific decisions about the correct erection enhancer will depend on your preferences.

There are synthetic medicines such as Viagra that have been developed to enhance the amounts of cGMP. There are natural substances such as Avela that work to inhibit PDE-5. There are ointments and oils that can be applied to the penis that will aid in the sensations and stimulation of the skin. You can even use penis pumps that will stimulate the blood flow aiding you in becoming erect. Some medicines are designed to work for a short period of time, long enough for sexual intercourse. Others actually are used to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction for longer periods of time. All of these are examples of erection enhancers.

At this point there is no complete cure for ED. However there are many home erection enhancers you can use. First of all smoking can create erection problems, it's a proven fact that nicotine interferes with the blood flowing in your vessels. A healthy diet and exercise will aid in circulation of your blood and promote sexual health. Removing anxiety from your life and cutting down your stress level can improve your arousal state dramatically.

No matter what erection enhancer you choose you will be able to improve your sex life. Erectile dysfunction does not have to be a show stopper. By finding the best erection enhancer for you, your sexual issues will become a distant memory.

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