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by MACK ARNOTT - Date: 2010-01-30 - Word Count: 495 Share This!

It sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie: On a certain day in a certain year at a certain time the world is going to end, or at least change in a fairly significant way, and the catastrophic event was prophesied by ancient civilizations that drew future stories on damp cave walls. From the producers who brought you Men in Black comes 2012: World End, starring 2 tired A-listers and a pretty ingenue.

Though that would certainly be one half of this story, this doomsday-to-come, that it's something to be laughed at and droned on about on conspiracy blogs, the flipside to the world ending in 2012 is that, if we're not quite so literal, and we sprinkle the situation with a bit of cold, hard science, then we have indications that something, some thing or event may take place in the near future that changes all of our lives.

A few months ago, mention of solar flares or holes in magnetic shields had as much effect on me as watered-down scotch. But that was before I read some fascinating books and articles on the subject. Did you know NASA scientists have reported the possibility of a solar flare reaching our planet's weakened magnetic shield and wiping out all power grids? What if in an instant - woosh - all power is gone? There is absolutely no power of any kind? No phones or faxes or computers or TVs or coffee makers or cash registers or refrigerators or air conditioners or space heaters, hospital equipment... you get the idea.

We've recently seen such horror strike Haiti, and witnessed mass destruction and no real infrastructure to govern and oversee the rescue efforts. But there are other nations who can step in and help. Now imagine a world where we are all Haiti. No governments or real resources, no way to run and rule the people, possibly for months. Who will take charge and govern us all? Is it possible we could govern ourselves?

Being a glass-is-half-who-cares kind of a person, I would put my money against the human race in 2012. Sure we can all come together when there's an earthquake or another disease holds a telethon, but no doubt 2012 will turn into an international remake of Lord of the Flies. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this galactic horror that has been predicted by brilliant people in loin cloths is our opportunity to shine. Maybe this is our one shot at getting it right? Maybe if we all pull together in our common struggle to stay alive, we could reach a joint nirvana and finally progress into the next enlightened phase of human evolution? Yeah. That would be awesome.

But to be on the safe side, I'm gonna stock up on water and tazers.

In all seriousness, what have you heard about 2012 world end? Probably not as much as there is to hear. Read some shocking revelations that will absolutely make your jaw drop.

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