Why Metal Briefcases Are Hot On The Market

by Shannon Hilson - Date: 2010-05-06 - Word Count: 531 Share This!

Being in style and competing with time to maintain this are two of the advantages that metal briefcases offer to their owners. They know that whether for business or for pleasure the image that a metal briefcase adds to their overall posture is just about the same effect as wearing a Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt with its logo stamped across the front. Just that with the briefcase the effect is a tit bit more subtle and long lasting. Unlike leather and cloth that go in and out of fashion, metal briefcases have proven to be timeless pieces that time cannot rob of glory, elegance and longevity. What other reasons are there that make metal briefcases hot pieces on the market?

Just About Anyone Can Use Them

Unlike leather that only the financially established can afford, metal briefcases are a lot more cheaper and can be used by just about anyone that wants one. Business professionals that use them add an additional sentence to their resume when they do:a sentence that at times they are not aware of, but that separates them from other people in their sector. In addition to the 'extra' look and the fact that just about anyone can use them, there is also the advantage that owners feel at ease knowing that the lock combination that they have will ensure that their things are kept safe.

On The Side Of Green

Metal is not like skin that requires that an animal be sacrificed to get it. People who are animal lovers and do not defend the idea of killing an animal to get its hide to make fashion items know that they will have less quilt on their conscience when they choose metal over leather. For the environmentally friendly consumer that wants to do his or her part in saving the earth, a metal briefcase is a lot more on the side of going green. Metals such as aluminum can be recycled and this ensures that after their use they are removed from circulation in the environment and injected once again in a new form to serve a new purpose. There are, however, those that will chime in to defend the fact that animals (cows in particular) are not raised just for the skin and that they produce meat and milk for human consumption as well. However, while these points are valuable and do deliver a real punch when to comes to keeping human survival afloat, it must be pointed out that raising cows in particular increases the carbon levels in the atmosphere-- a definite no- no when the issue is going green is on the table. Another disadvantage with leather revolves around the harmful substances that are used in the tanning industry. All play their role in making the environment a big dump yard.

The Look Of Luxury

Whether you are rich or poor metal that is made with the right design and color can make you feel like you are holding a $1m check. This is not the same feeling that anyone gets when they hold a leather briefcase and people who want to really nail their first impression with people are going after metal briefcases as an alternative.

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