Adultery - Don't Ruin Your Marriage

by Ben Pate - Date: 2009-08-14 - Word Count: 539 Share This!

Extramarital affairs are not the right thing to do when you're married. In fact adultery is a true sin, one that should be avoided. But if you are a person who feels that the only way you are satisfied is through the affairs that you have, well you still need to realize where they can lead too.

Not only will you possibly ruin your marriage, because if your spouse finds out, they will not necessarily be forgiving and decide to stay together. It is the trust of that person that you will be breaking and possibly years of trust can be gone due to only one affair.

It seems that some people though cannot stop from cheating, or at least they try and use that as an excuse. However, if you are not satisfied in your marriage isn't it better to just ask for a divorce? After all you will end up hurting this person and yourself and possibly your lover in the full process.

What makes a person cheat though is it always because they are unhappy? No absolutely not, though it could be one of the main causes. Some may just love the thrill of a chase and obtaining as many notches as they can in their bed post.

Though many reasons can be found for cheating, you never know how your spouse or lover will react to finding out there is another person involved in your lives together. It's not odd to find in the news reports of murders due to a spouse being caught cheating. And what about kids if they are involved in your marriage.

Do you really want to portray to your kids this type of behavior? They should learn that a marriage is about being with one person only, not sleeping around. All you are doing is creating in this child's mind that this type of behavior is ok, and they may end up in the future doing the same thing.

Right sounds like people who say alcoholism is passed on by kids watching, but that's actually from genes they inherit. Though children are influenced by what they see and learn in their homes. So why not split up and then head out on the town instead? Wouldn't it be a lot easier than making one partner in a marriage think everything is alright?

Adultery is something that will devastate a partner in a marriage, something that is in many cases not even expected. Yes there are times when wives or husbands will know that it's happening. But many people will not know. What happens than besides someone's world falling apart? Learning to trust again is not always easy either. Work out your problems or decide to go your separate ways, no one else should come into a relationship when you are married.

Finally, a huge problem in many marriages is adultery, and it's something that many will face in their lifetime. Either they will have it done to them, or they will do it to their spouses. It doesn't matter if you're male or female, you at some point in your life may face the decision that could change your marriage. So next time someone seems to be hinting at an affair make sure you make the right choice.

So instead of running around and having to Cheat talk to your spouse. It's not something that is right, but in this world it seems to be so easily accepted. For more information, check out
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