Best Skin Care Products For Your Health Might Not Be The Best Selling Ones

by Elizabeth Ruby - Date: 2010-06-28 - Word Count: 444 Share This!

The best skin care products can make you look years younger and help you to have healthy skin.

I am not talking about the best selling products. These are often the ones that have celebrities advertising them. Big bucks are spent on the promotion of these products and not so much on the actual research of what brings results in a way that won't harm the health of the body of the one using the product.

I say this because many companies take short cuts when it comes to using healthy ingredients. Their products might work, but at a cost that is far more destructive than one might think.

Would you knowingly buy a product if the label read caution this product may lead to cancer? Or the use of this product may cause liver damage to you or damage your unborn child? Or a less damaging substance might just say use of this product may cause acne - would you purchase that one?

I think all of us would answer no to each of those question. But the problem is the labels don't say that. Many consumers don't have any idea that those statements even need to be on some of the so-called best skin care products.

Next time you get a chance check the ingredients on your favorite hand cream or face moisturizer. If they contain mineral oil, they are not helping you in your plan to keep your complexion healthy or young looking.

You won't notice it right away. In fact when you apply it to your hands or face, your skin will feel nice and soft, but what is happening to your skin is not nice.

Mineral oil clogs the pores, which interferes with your skin's ability to eliminate all the bad stuff, called toxins. This is why acne and other skin problems appear. Mineral oil also strips your natural oils leaving you more dry and chapped then before you used it.

Other ingredient like parabens, dioxane, phebol carbolic acid, and nitrosmaines are suspected (and in some cases proven) to cause cancer, circulatory collapse, respiratory disease, and other serious health problems.

Skin care products shouldn't harm your health. Check out my web site to learn more about the dangerous substances in skin care.

Some ingredients to look for in best skin care products that are healthy for you are CynergyTK™, coenzyme Q10, wakame, grape seed oil, avocado oil, shea butter and babassu. When you check out my web site for the dangerous ingredients I also tell you where you can find the safe ones.

Go check it out today. Don't count on the best selling to be the best skin care products for your health.

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