Cellular Shades

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Shades are window dressings or casings, which sieve and filter the strong sunlight from entering a room and hence, helping it remain cool. Shades also add on to the visual appeal of the room. It is seen that the various blinds offered today, have an enthralling mixture of high fashion and robustness.

Cellular shades or light filtering shades are very artistic and are a visual delight. This is due to their unique honeycomb shape. When the shades are lowered, they afford adequate seclusion to the owner but at the same time allow light to filter in. Many a times these shades are made in wood, so that they act as effective insulators by preventing the cold to enter the rooms.

Cellular shades are accordion-style in shape and light in weight. They are available in soft textured woven or non-woven fabrics as well. The blinds are packed in such a manner as to create their unique cross-sectional shape, which traps air and creates energy efficiency and sound reduction.

Cellular shades not only provide solitude but also promote energy savings. This is possible because of the natural light filtering in the room even when the shades are lowered. These shades are assembled out of several sheets of materials and have many linked chambers that form a distinctive honeycomb pattern.

Cellular shades are also available in several varieties such as single, double or triple cell forms in various sizes. These have options such as unremitting cord loop, cordless operation, and motorized operation.

Bali, Comfortex, Graber, Hunter Douglas, and Levelor are some of the popular brand names that are manufacturing various types of shades. These are designer cellular shades that are custom made to suit the requirements of the clients. Although, these designer shades cost a fortune, their style and elegance makes them worth it.

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