Making Money From Cheap Domain Names

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Choosing a cheap domain name can be exciting and frustrating at the same time. First you spend ages thinking what to call your company, or website only to find that the cheap domain name is already taken. The best option is to pick any of the services you'll find on the web, and start keying in names that you'd like. More often than not, if the name is not available then they will suggest similar sounding names, one of which may be suitable.

Making the wrong decision when registering domain names can cause weeks or downtime for your site and email in the future. Our advice is to register your domain name with a reputable, long standing company who take their customer service issues seriously and will provide a voice at the end of a phone line should your domain suddenly stop working.

That's why I have made it easier for you. Go with or and you will never go wrong.

Whilst looking around for a host start thinking about a good cheap domain name for yourself, if you have formed a limited company then this should make the task a little easier unless your preferred domain has already been taken. If you are going to form a limited company it may be a good idea to try and kill two birds with one stone, as so many cheap domain names have now been registered the chances of the domain for your preferred company name being available and vice versa are slim. Checking both companies house and WHOIS records will take some time so it is a good idea to sit down and brainstorm ideas before going online to check availability.

As well as choosing your own domain name you could also check some of the providers of pre-registered domains. Although this option is not as cheap as registering your own domain name a lot of the better domains have already been bagged by these providers. Some give the ability to type in keywords and they will return the available domains that contain the keyword. Other services exist so that you can monitor cheap domain names that have once been registered but the owner has not renewed them. Every day hundreds, if not thousands, of new domains come back to the market place for you to register.

Once you have your email and web site set up do not forget to include these details on your business cards and email signatures.

Once you have chosen a hosting company and your website is live, you may wish to begin promoting your site to search engines to attract potential customers who may use search engines to source the services you offer.

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