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Not all internet connections are alike. If you have been to pay a visit to a friend or stayed in a more remote area you've in all probability recognized that individuals who have a high speed net connection, DSL, cable internet, or satellite broadband service are actually blessed.

High speed internet is not available in all regions and many suffer still trying to load pages on a dial up internet system that is slow when it is working at all. If you currently have a high speed internet connection and have the opportunity to give dial up a try, you will not believe the difference. It can be hard to believe that at one time this was an acceptable speed of service.

High speed internet allows you to research and work more quickly to attain the information you need and with a dial up service you definitely will not just get online to look up a phone number or address as that could be a long and frustrating process. You would be much better served locating the phone book and looking up the information you need in the yellow pages or white pages. It may sound crazy but dial up service is really that slow.

If you're suffering with a dial up connection and have called your local phone companies and internet providers and have yet to locate one which is providing a broadband or cable internet solution, then there may still be hope. You can try to contact a cellular phone company and find out if they can sell you a wireless internet adapter which will allow you to pick up a higher speed of internet from one of their nearby towers when you are at your home. Most people don't consider this option simply because they don't recognize that it is available. You will be able to in fact purchase this type of high speed internet card for not merely for your laptop but for your home computer as well. This card will enable you to acquire a higher speed internet connection from a nearby tower and save you the headache of trying to find an internet provider that has wires established in your area.

Receiving internet connection through a wireless carrier is not always as dependable as through a system that is hard wired, although it certainly will work better than any dial up service that you have. In addition it won't tie up your telephone lines which is another big advantage to freeing yourself from that dial up service.

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