Stop: 4 Things You Need To Evaluate Before Joining a Home Business Opportunity Program

by Mick Lolekonda - Date: 2007-02-11 - Word Count: 616 Share This!

Edmonton, August 16, 2006- With so many people having lost money in MLM scams, and worthless programs, it's understandable why people come to distrust any income opportunity that gets thrown their way. With the Internet being so impersonal, it's difficult to determine who are the people you can trust to do business with. As you are looking to be sponsored, how do you know if your sponsor or leader is trustworthy, and will have your best interest at heart? Believe it, there are a lot of so called-leaders that will motivate you so they can have you first check, and then you'll never hear from them again.

So here are the 4 key things determining if you have the right sponsor in a network marketing opportunity of your choice. First, you need to determine if the sponsor is "for real". In other words do they deliver on their claims to making you successful with their organization? Then, will that person address your fears or concerns when needed, are they accessible, and finally do they have the necessary resources available to help you succeed?The first thing is to Google the name of the person on the Internet and see what their history or biography is. If they have a biography or contact information posted on the Internet, at this point, you owe it to yourself to call them and put them on the hot seat. Determine if they'll be a good fit for you because nobody else will do it for you. What you're looking for is to see if they're able to understand you and your reasons for looking at home business opportunity. The best leaders out there will know how to question you in order to better understand your needs and use what motivates you keep you focused once you join them the money-making business. As a result, look for the great listener.

Then as you are discussing issues important to you and maybe fears or concerns, you must determine your potential leader's intentions and his level of honesty. Assess their answer when it comes to the legitimacy of the business opportunity and its ability to make you money, and how soon you can expect to start seeing results. Possibly ask for testimonials. Watch for those that have a tendency to exaggerate or use hype as an attempt to convince you to join them. The third important thing is the sponsor/leader accessibility. After all, if you realize that you need advice, reliable support is what you want. This is an easy one since all you need to do is contact them to see if they, one, pick up the phone, two, return your call or email in a timely manner. Usually, one day is excellent, two is good. Also, do they maintain phone appointments? Professionalism is key. Simply put them to test. But of course, accessibility varies from one person to the next. Take into consideration the fact that some people have full-time, part-time jobs, or other commitments.

Finally, a leader in their own right must have resources available for you to get you off to a strong and fast start to make money. Ask them if you'll get a fast start manual upon joining their team, how will your progress be monitored, and if they have a plan of action that will fit your budget and time commitment.

When it's all said and done, you're looking for somebody who show professionalism, somebody you can relate to, rely on, fits your style, and will care for you and your success with your new home based business.

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