Fixing the Body's Immune System

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The main function of body's immune system is to protect our body from any subject such as virus and bacteria. This system can protect our body from infection caused by them that entered our body.

Body's immune system can detect any intruder substances that harmful to our health.

It's not only the virus and bacteria that can be detected by the body's immune system but also the abnormal cell growth.

Body's immune system can get rid of virus and bacteria and also prevent our body from the same infection from relapse again.

The best way to protect our body from being infected is using a vaccine. Vaccination makes Body's immune system react with the infectious agent and help our body increase its self-defense towards the infectious agent. Vaccine is made of dead bacteria or virus.

When someone is getting older, the body's immune system will also decrease. It means when your age is increasing, you need external mechanism to recover and maintain the body's immune system.

To get better immunity, it's necessary to consume vitamins and mineral from daily meal. Food supplement sometimes is needed when vitamins and minerals intake from usual daily meals is not enough.

The symptoms (what you may feel.) Feeling weak, no energy and exhausted. Repetitive cough, fever or flu indicated that someone is sensitive to certain substances.


-Balance your diet; make it consist of carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin and mineral).
-Get enough sleep and rest.
-Exercise regularly in a moderate level
-Make sure that the food intake can recover these nutrition: Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Selenium and Iron.
-Don't consume food supplement more than it's needed. Overdose intake can cause greater danger than it's benefit.

Boosting your body immune system will give you more advantage in maintaining a healthy body!

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